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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013! 

I don't really have any new years resolutions to begin the new year with, though if I did, this would be a very long post including things like: drink more water (stop drinking diet coke), read more books (2012 was my worst book reading year in history!), visit people more, start my new shop line, use my teeth whitening strips, keep up on the laundry and many more boring things. But these things are always in my head from the moment I lay down to sleep to the moment my eyes pop open in the morning (I just seem to forget all the hours in between). So for the new year I am boiling it all down to simply continuing to try to better myself, or should I say be my best self. When I feel like I can't - do it just to either prove myself right or wrong - both of which make me happy and I will be successful even if I find I can't do some things.

I did find a few fun New Years do-dads via the internet to pass along. I am really thinking of doing this little calendar journal where you jot down moments from each day and file it away on an index card or postcard, I am sure filling it will the most random parts of your day would make it all that more fun to read later. I also like the idea of the 365 project where you document your life each day with a photo, though I am fairly sure I have that going on privately in my iphoto app on my computer.  Obviously, however, the 365 project are photos with more intent. I have heard of people doing themes such as taking a photo of the same tree everyday for a year - that would be probably be lovely to look at when 2013 comes to an end. I am thinking about that one too. And here is a sweet little notecard printable to welcome the new year. I also recently ran across the blog, i believe in strangers, which shares lovely little stories of random acts of kindness, it's great inspiration for the start of a new year.

Any plans/resolutions/hopes/dreams/breaking of habits for the new year? 


  1. Keep up on laundry. You and me both sister! It's not so much that I don't do the laundry, but once it comes out of the dryer, it's like scaling Everest for me to fold it and put it all away. That would be a great resolution to stick to this year, haha. I'm also doing a 365 again this year (I only made it to the end of June last year, woops!). This year I want to travel, say yes to everything (within reason!), and do more to make myself happy (take a day off work to write in a cafe?). Happy 2013, darling!

  2. I so get the wake up and fall asleep with the same intentions every single freaking day. Laundry. Water. I am doing a 365. Jury is still out as to how I'm going to catalog it. Jury's still out on a lot of things, actually. But mostly, have a happy 2013!

  3. Happy new year! What a great message, I'll go with that for 2013. Niki :)

  4. Happy New year Cristine .

  5. Have a happy new year Christine! I have no new years resolutions as of yet but I am working on a small list of things I would like to accomplish over the course of the year. Like you I feel like I can never keep up with laundry, I am the same as Erin, where there are mountain of freshly washed laundry is growing into huge mountains waiting to be folded and stored away...

  6. I too have read sooo little books this year and I am hoping that as soon as I graduate I will have time for more books. And, like you, I really ought to use my whitening strips daily too.

    I still journal every day, but jotting down my favorite moments from each day would be awesome because I don't write in my journal on a daily basis. I really love that idea.

  7. I usually have a list of somewhat boring things I want to accomplish in the next year written down, but I'm not really considering those resolutions. I do have a bigger goal of growing in confidence this year by doing some hard things. I'm looking forward to where I'll be at the end of 2013!

  8. Those are great projects! I wish I had more time for these things but I have already made personal projects for this year. Anyway, I never make resolutions as well but for this year, I listed some goals I'd like to achieve. ;)


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