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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter is coming up! I have to admit it's one of those holidays that sneaks up on me a bit and I am not quite prepared.  I always know it's coming but it doesn't have that convenience of a set date, say like Christmas or Halloween, and I am just the type of person that needs to work against a known deadline in order to get anything done. Thus I spent sometime getting inspiration from pinterest last night for some last minute Easter ideas. I am also of the secular variety so I often find myself thinking "so why am i stressing out about needing to paint eggs again?" Apparently my religion classes in Catholic school didn't really stick with me. And I won't go on any pagan diatribes (a rebellious interest from Catholic school no doubt) because I don't want to freak anyone out (does the thought of that still freak people out? if so don't worry i am not pagan either) but I once asked myself that "why do we do this exactly?" question to find out that most of these fun things we do and how we got cute little bunnies on this day is rooted in pagan tradition which basically celebrates the spring and fertility (don't quote me on that because that is like the 2 year break-it-way-down version and i have serious memory issues) but I like celebrating spring and I love having traditions for my kids. So, yeah, here I am stressing out about painting eggs in the next 36 hours.

But, really you can't pass on the opportunity to dress up your kids in bunny ears and hunt for treasures and eat too much candy. For me, when I was a kid, (my family was not religious either) Easter was waking up at my Grandparents to a pretty new dress hanging outside my door and a giant Easter basket. Then I would hunt for eggs, the whole procession between waking, dressing and hunting lasted about an hour, and I would spend the rest of my day eating candy in my frilly new dress. I will probably do much the same thing come Sunday (minus the pretty new dress).  How about you? Any big Easter plans? 

Favorite Finds | 21 | Totokaelo

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last night I came across Totokaelo when I was looking for sheepskins not that I need another one but now I know where to find my next one when the time (read: lack of self-control) arises, they have such a pretty selection! It's a Seattle based store but luckily for the rest of the world they also have an online shop. Their collection of curated work of art and objects is so beautiful (they also have clothing) I spent last evening looking through every page on both of their sites (oops! sorry kids!). While most items are pricey the websites are beautiful and definitely worthy of a little daydreaming. 

Bedroom Inspiration | 3 | Hudson Bay Point Blanket |

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As most of you all know I have been looking for inspiration for my future bedroom make-over (here are my first one and two inspirations). Most of you probably do not know I am a "project starter." Take my hallway that was recently painted, I wanted that painted for eons and had late night visions whilst laying in bed about how amazing I would make it when it was all painted, yep, I still haven't finished. Now I am again dreaming about my bedroom make-over. Oy. I just tell myself I love this sort of thing so why rush it right? It will all get done, even if in bits of starts and stops.

But lets talk about the Hudson Bay Point blanket. I love them and I have vintage one I picked up at our once-upon-a-time city flea market (it lasted about a nano second and then disappeared. one of the things that annoy me about portland. WHERE ARE THE FLEA MARKETS??!!). I got mine for $15. Um hmm, fifteen bones, that might be the best deal I have ever gotten on anything in my life. But I keep it in a sad rubbermaid box in my closet and I swear sometimes I can hear it crying at night. I'd love to use it but it hasn't worked in my bedroom space for years. So here are a couple hudson bay inspired rooms to choose from. One is a bit more vintage and one more modern. 

Via Design* Sponge

My picks for the vintage inspired room are a little updated because while that macrame piece is actually really pretty I can't look at macrame without smelling dust, so I am pretty sure I wouldn't want it hanging over my bed. And I am sure M&L would probably love that retro dinosaur lamp but I would prefer something a little less pre-historic. I would, however, buy a vintage horse waste basket in a heartbeat! Sadly there was nary a'one on the internet to find. Overall there is just something about this room that makes my heart happy. I think I just love the unpretentious ease of it and it definitely looks like a room I would have had a some point in my life. 

This reminds me that I need one of those lamps from Ikea (or maybe two). And I much prefer the clean and crisp white sheets with the blanket. I love vintage but I have learned I like it and appreciate it best when it is surround by a nice clean and slightly modern back drop. I would take any excuse to buy a bertoia chair, though I am not sure it would fit in my room as nicely as this one does here next to that lovely window. I also love the lucite night stand in this room, it's just perfect.

What do you think? Lovingly outdated or minimally updated?

The Weekend | Instagram Review |

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I feel like mine flew by! Good thing it's spring break for us or else I would surely be suffering from a case of the monday's today. Though it went quick a lovely weekend we did have. We started out Saturday by meeting my mom and my sister for some breakfast crêpes and a little window shopping on my favorite go-to street, Hawthorne. I also finally planted my new flowers in potting soil, as I had them propped up in my new planter for over a week. (I love the chartreuse color of my new containers!)

Sunday I set out to refill my fabric inventory and I just happen to pass by a thrift store and an estate sale. I think it was fated because I found a few things that I have been wanting for a long time and because it was sunday I got their already low prices for half price! Love that. Those boots are one of my new scores. They are vintage suede and look like they have been worn maybe 5 times. They even sport the date "1974" inside but look brand new. I love them. I have also been putting off getting a laptop case for about 2 years. The ones I would find were either hideous or super expensive and I just don't require one often enough to spend too much. I got that leather brief which fits my macbook like a glove for a whole $2! Sunday we ended the weekend with a lovely walk in which were able to watch the sunset for a minute or two before it feel behind the city. The spring weather is picking back up where it left off a week ago. Though the weatherman tells me it will be gone again soon, today however, it is suppose to be in the mid-60's. I will take it where and when I can get it! With that I am off today visit my bff and her adorable children in Hood River so I may be back tomorrow, or I may not. I am going to live by the old motto "be here now" and play it by ear.

House Tour | Industrial Boheme |

Friday, March 22, 2013

Via  Photos: Morten Holtum

It's Friday! This fact doesn't usually excite me quite so much based on the fact that I work from home and my schedule is something along the lines of a little bit or a whole lot everyday. But spring break is next week and I am looking forward to the hiatus from ballet class (for M&L, not me of course!), last minute homework sessions and loads of laundry, a little more walking and less driving, and dare I say the prospect of sleeping in a few minutes extra. I am tentatively planning on the extra time (energy) I have that is usually eaten up by routines of getting from point a to point b, to get organized, creative and little vitamin D. That is where this home tour from Amsterdam comes into play. 

I love how bright, clean and open this space is and how it evokes a feeling of creativity. I also love how the industrial aspects make it feel very grounded against the pale color pallet. I could certainly see cooking some lovely dinners in that fabulous kitchen, sitting down with my magazines at the dining table and getting some work done in that wonderful office space. All the natural light is almost intoxicating. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and get a little sunshine yourselves! xo

A Shot of Neon Pink

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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The rain is back in these parts and while it's a little bit of a shock to the system after such a lovely streak of dry weather and blue skies I can't complain much. As of the last few years we have been enduring the rain until about the fourth of July and one can't begrudge miracles. But the truth is I am pretty ruled by the weather. While I am easily amused and content most all of the time, my production levels take a sharp nose dive when the days get shorter and the skies turn grey. When it's nice outside my production level, motivation, spontaneity all reach nice healthy levels. In the winter I think the laziest of three-toed sloths could beat me in a race and I wouldn't even care because I'd probably just forfeit to watch a rerun of project runway anyway. But once I get that taste of feeling all productive I really want to keep it going. So rather than to crawl back into the recesses of my couch I am trying to keep that spunky feeling by inundating myself with bright and cheerful images like these ones. Neon pink anyone?

I am absolutely in love with the first image. That is Emily Henderson's new bedroom makeover and I want it for my own. But I kind of have this weird fear of seeming stalkerish when it comes to EH for reasons I have explained here. I just love her, er I mean her bedroom so much though. If I could find those lamps I may just recreate that bedroom for myself because I really want to. 

In other news: my hallway and stairway is all painted! The painter also painted my ceiling that I have been putting off doing (procrastination does payoff). So my plans for reorganizing my stairway and hallway yesterday gave way to putting my living and dining room back together. But for now painting is done, until I moved on to my bedroom that is. One project at a time though, right?


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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My hallway and stairway should be painted today! I am so excited to see what it looks like all freshened up. It feels like home-makeover day today even though I am just giving it a coat of paint, but with the disrepair it is in from my ceiling fan throwing dust into 20 feet high corners and toddler hands caressing the walls for the last 4 years, I think it will look completely different - at least that's my hope! It is just going to be painted the same white as my living area (benjamin moore: vapor) for a couple reasons, but the best reason is not torturing myself (and loved ones) with another round of trying to pick the "perfect"paint color. And the fact that I am not doing the painting myself, for the first time ever I might add, I can't see not loving it.

With my long awaited anticipation of the project being completed I have been looking at (white) hallway & stairway inspirations and have rounded up a few of my favorites to hopefully inspire and motivate me to put all back together better than it was.

Photo Diary | The Beach |

Monday, March 18, 2013

| Me & Luca |

Day One (above) | Day Two (below)

| Milo |

This weekend we took a little spontaneous trip to Newport Beach which is about 2 and a half hours from Portland. We arrived to find a perfect moody and stormy beach and woke up the next morning to bright blue skies, the best of both worlds me thinks. We took several walks along the bay front to eat fresh caught crab, watch the sea lions and the fishing boats. We took a short walk on the beach Saturday in the wind and rain which made going back to the hotel and sitting in front of the fireplace watching the waves all the better. On Sunday we spent most of the morning looking for tide pools and running from the waves on the beach. Then we found a lovely little breakfast spot that had homemade gluten-free bread and homemade jam, Luca was in heaven, he usually has to forgo all bread products when we go out for breakfast, poor guy - I think that was his favorite part of the trip. We spent the rest of the day traipsing around Nye beach front (and here - they had the best little book store I have ever seen), we did a little window shopping and visited a couple little museums before heading home (that last photo is from outside the museum it is carved from a single tree depicting the Oregon Coast tribes). Of course we stopped for a little smoked salmon on our way out of town too to snack on for our drive back.

It was a really lovely trip but I always forget how exhausting those short little trips away from home can be, so I am going to let the photos do most of my talking. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Make: Gold Terracotta

Friday, March 15, 2013

It seems I have another terracotta painting project DIY (I swear don't sit around painting terracotta all the time). Anyhoo, I saw these really beautiful terracotta pots that have sheets of gold leaf laid on them and I felt inspired to (try) to recreate them. Unfortunately I couldn't find gold leaf sheets so I went ahead and just got some gold leaf paint. These are definitely not quite as lovely as the others but it was so simple and turned out well enough that I am happy with them. . . for now. Someday I want to give the other method a shot, they are just so pretty!

I tested three methods, the first, just using really light brush strokes so that the terracotta shows through (I think that's my favorite). The second I applied two coats, let it dry and then took a steal brush to it. The bad news is it didn't turn out how I had envisioned (I was hoping to get that gold leaf sheet look - it was not happening), the good news is this paint does not come off so easily! I brushed and brushed and still didn't break through to the terracotta layer. And third I went for a nice simple one coat job - this definitely was the best method for getting a nice shiny gold look. Now my plants have a little bling. A little tip I will pass on for those that may want to try this: do it outside, that tiny bottle of enamel paint smells super toxic and I am guessing isn't so great for breathing in in an enclosed space.

Happy weekend!

PS if any of my reader friends are interested in a coupon code for powell's books let me know. Maybe they read my blog and my secret subliminal messages got through because I got an email that said "to one of our most loyal customers . . ." and they gave me four coupon codes for 25% total purchase and free shipping (of course it could just be that i spend a lot of money there!)  . . . so there's three left - because, yep, already used one. They have to be used by the 18th, feel free to send me an email if you want a code.

French Kitchen Accoutrements

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Well my painter cancelled because he fell victim to one of the bijillion flu/cold bugs that are still circulating the air. But I decided to play hooky yesterday anyway and try to do some pre-putting-my-house-back-together organization. Mostly I just stared at my piles of "things" and then got side tracked with going through boxes of photos and such. But at least I tried. I think I really need to see the finished product to get really inspired to purge some of my clutter. Because, yes, I somehow have entryway/stairway/hallway clutter. More than I thought, sigh . . . I blame it on my shelves and the "oh, I'll stick that here for a minute" problem I have.

But on to a more fun topic than my organizational failures. I have such a vision of artistry when I think of French cuisine and French cooking. Whether that be creations from the finest restaurants in Paris or in the cuisine from a rustic little kitchen in rural France. With that I love french kitchens and kitchen wares, especially of the vintage variety. I am not much of a cook myself but when I do cook I like to channel that sort of romance for the whole process. And how romantic are all of these lovely antique pieces? I found all of these on Etsy and I think half of them are from one shop, Gris Souris, which is filled with so many French vintage treasures. I don't think I will ever get the vision of those canisters out of my mind, unfortunately my kitchen wouldn't accomodate them (and my cooking skills wouldn't justify them) but I just want to snuggle them they are so perfect! I could stare at them all day long. And how about that top photo? It's a picnic set for those that love eggs and picnics. If I had that set I would definitely take some hardboiled eggs on a picnic, how about you? It is so très doux!

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