A Shot of Neon Pink

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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The rain is back in these parts and while it's a little bit of a shock to the system after such a lovely streak of dry weather and blue skies I can't complain much. As of the last few years we have been enduring the rain until about the fourth of July and one can't begrudge miracles. But the truth is I am pretty ruled by the weather. While I am easily amused and content most all of the time, my production levels take a sharp nose dive when the days get shorter and the skies turn grey. When it's nice outside my production level, motivation, spontaneity all reach nice healthy levels. In the winter I think the laziest of three-toed sloths could beat me in a race and I wouldn't even care because I'd probably just forfeit to watch a rerun of project runway anyway. But once I get that taste of feeling all productive I really want to keep it going. So rather than to crawl back into the recesses of my couch I am trying to keep that spunky feeling by inundating myself with bright and cheerful images like these ones. Neon pink anyone?

I am absolutely in love with the first image. That is Emily Henderson's new bedroom makeover and I want it for my own. But I kind of have this weird fear of seeming stalkerish when it comes to EH for reasons I have explained here. I just love her, er I mean her bedroom so much though. If I could find those lamps I may just recreate that bedroom for myself because I really want to. 

In other news: my hallway and stairway is all painted! The painter also painted my ceiling that I have been putting off doing (procrastination does payoff). So my plans for reorganizing my stairway and hallway yesterday gave way to putting my living and dining room back together. But for now painting is done, until I moved on to my bedroom that is. One project at a time though, right?


  1. Explosión de luz, color y energía.

  2. I will say that I'm not the hugest fan of neon, but. That bedroom. Hello. I'm on board! All these rooms you've chosen seem to get it right. I'm so excited about your wall! Hoping you post pictures soon and inspire *me*!

  3. I could use a splash of neon to get my productivity running as well! Tuesday I could barely pry myself out of bed to get to my 9 hour day of classes. Coffee didn't help, but maybe a burst of color would have :)

  4. What a bright post for a rainy day! (it's been raining here too). Oh, I know exactly what you mean. I'm the most productive when the days are long and sunny. I'm so much less efficient, and grumpy too, during winter time.

  5. I actually lol'd at "and I'd probably forfeit to watch a rerun of Project Runway." This is why we're twins! Winter does turn me into a hibernating bear, but I don't really mind. Actually, summer does too because I'm too lazy and sweaty to do anything. Hm. Maybe the problem isn't the weather, maybe it's me! Haha. I do love a "hint of color" as they said in "The Birdcage" but you'd never know it from my monochrome house, haha. I love all these images, though! Super inspiring. Can't wait to see pics of your new painted stairwell!

  6. Holy moly, that bedroom is fabulous and glamorous and feminine. The richness of the blue on the upholstered headboard is so pretty. I have to agree, EH has got skills. She pulls things together that a normal person wouldn't even think to put together. All these images are definitely happy inducing. Bye bye, winter. Hello, spring!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the perfect way to get out of the winter blues :)


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