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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

As most of you all know I have been looking for inspiration for my future bedroom make-over (here are my first one and two inspirations). Most of you probably do not know I am a "project starter." Take my hallway that was recently painted, I wanted that painted for eons and had late night visions whilst laying in bed about how amazing I would make it when it was all painted, yep, I still haven't finished. Now I am again dreaming about my bedroom make-over. Oy. I just tell myself I love this sort of thing so why rush it right? It will all get done, even if in bits of starts and stops.

But lets talk about the Hudson Bay Point blanket. I love them and I have vintage one I picked up at our once-upon-a-time city flea market (it lasted about a nano second and then disappeared. one of the things that annoy me about portland. WHERE ARE THE FLEA MARKETS??!!). I got mine for $15. Um hmm, fifteen bones, that might be the best deal I have ever gotten on anything in my life. But I keep it in a sad rubbermaid box in my closet and I swear sometimes I can hear it crying at night. I'd love to use it but it hasn't worked in my bedroom space for years. So here are a couple hudson bay inspired rooms to choose from. One is a bit more vintage and one more modern. 

Via Design* Sponge

My picks for the vintage inspired room are a little updated because while that macrame piece is actually really pretty I can't look at macrame without smelling dust, so I am pretty sure I wouldn't want it hanging over my bed. And I am sure M&L would probably love that retro dinosaur lamp but I would prefer something a little less pre-historic. I would, however, buy a vintage horse waste basket in a heartbeat! Sadly there was nary a'one on the internet to find. Overall there is just something about this room that makes my heart happy. I think I just love the unpretentious ease of it and it definitely looks like a room I would have had a some point in my life. 

This reminds me that I need one of those lamps from Ikea (or maybe two). And I much prefer the clean and crisp white sheets with the blanket. I love vintage but I have learned I like it and appreciate it best when it is surround by a nice clean and slightly modern back drop. I would take any excuse to buy a bertoia chair, though I am not sure it would fit in my room as nicely as this one does here next to that lovely window. I also love the lucite night stand in this room, it's just perfect.

What do you think? Lovingly outdated or minimally updated?


  1. Oh yes. I want bedrooms with plain white beds and camp blankets. Simple, simple, simple. Not my bedroom. Oh, mine's still simple, but I have lots of white fluffy duvets. ;) And can you and Erin and I all be twinsies? Because I'm a project starter too, and I also go on hikes thinking "why don't I do this more" and always end up watching HGTV. Just sayin'.

  2. Yup, I completely understand about the blanket. And the Ikea round lamps are the perfect complement for it :)

  3. I love the minimalist look! Me, I can't do it, but I love admiring it like that lucite table and bertoia chair!

  4. These inspirations are beautiful! I just love hudson bay blankets...the stripes are just amazing!

  5. I do love the blanket, but I didn't think I could pull it off successfully (too much of a swath of white to hide all that black dog hair we've got going on...). I love both iterations you pulled together, though. And if you're looking for those exact tables, they're from CB2:
    I can't believe you scored that blanket for so cheap!! That's quite an accomplishment. You should put that on your resume! xoxo

  6. Here's a proposal: You can send the blanket to me and I will take real good care of it until you're ready to have it back. ;) $15?! That's like finding a real Eames chair for a steal. Gosh, I'm loving your bedroom inspirations. This whole post is making me think you would love @ModernHaus on Instagram - Totally your vibe.

    1. ha! i should do that! it's one of those things that looks amazing in the right space but can look out of place if it's not. just started following modernhaus, thanks for the tip!

  7. Hard decision- both have their own character. I really like the fan and your update on the lamp of the first one and the radio on the second...I'm no help am I...


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