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Friday, March 22, 2013

Via  Photos: Morten Holtum

It's Friday! This fact doesn't usually excite me quite so much based on the fact that I work from home and my schedule is something along the lines of a little bit or a whole lot everyday. But spring break is next week and I am looking forward to the hiatus from ballet class (for M&L, not me of course!), last minute homework sessions and loads of laundry, a little more walking and less driving, and dare I say the prospect of sleeping in a few minutes extra. I am tentatively planning on the extra time (energy) I have that is usually eaten up by routines of getting from point a to point b, to get organized, creative and little vitamin D. That is where this home tour from Amsterdam comes into play. 

I love how bright, clean and open this space is and how it evokes a feeling of creativity. I also love how the industrial aspects make it feel very grounded against the pale color pallet. I could certainly see cooking some lovely dinners in that fabulous kitchen, sitting down with my magazines at the dining table and getting some work done in that wonderful office space. All the natural light is almost intoxicating. 

Hope you all have a great weekend and get a little sunshine yourselves! xo


  1. I would kill for a living room that opened up with windows like that. And concrete floors! It's so unfair that Europeans always get the best houses, haha. Nothing in America looks like that! Enjoy spring break with your boys, and sleep in! If you can :) I'm planning on doing a bit of that this weekend hopefully, but tomorrow I'm dragging J to a vintage shop an hour away to do some shopping bright and early. :D Have a great one, twinsy.

  2. Breaks feel SO good, don't they? I'm already ready for another one. Even if you don't have anything planned, knowing that you don't have to be anywhere, is so NICE.

    I do like this home. I'm with Erin on the windows in the living room and the concrete floors. Bright open spaces. That's for me. :)

  3. So much natural light! I like that in a home. And I like that it feels lived in, not just styled to be photographed for a magazine.

  4. Staring at these photos, I'm starting to think I would love to move back to an apartment (like the one you show above), with a balcony that overlooked some beautiful city. When the kids move out, of course. ;) Our spring break will happen the week after yours and I'm looking forward to all of the things you mention. Going to try my hardest to sneak in some adventures too. Hip Hip...Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The bright rooms make me wonder if I will ever be able to do so much with such simple means... Sigh...

  6. I love those windows! I wish I could just remove a whole wall in our living room and replace it with glass.


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