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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter is coming up! I have to admit it's one of those holidays that sneaks up on me a bit and I am not quite prepared.  I always know it's coming but it doesn't have that convenience of a set date, say like Christmas or Halloween, and I am just the type of person that needs to work against a known deadline in order to get anything done. Thus I spent sometime getting inspiration from pinterest last night for some last minute Easter ideas. I am also of the secular variety so I often find myself thinking "so why am i stressing out about needing to paint eggs again?" Apparently my religion classes in Catholic school didn't really stick with me. And I won't go on any pagan diatribes (a rebellious interest from Catholic school no doubt) because I don't want to freak anyone out (does the thought of that still freak people out? if so don't worry i am not pagan either) but I once asked myself that "why do we do this exactly?" question to find out that most of these fun things we do and how we got cute little bunnies on this day is rooted in pagan tradition which basically celebrates the spring and fertility (don't quote me on that because that is like the 2 year break-it-way-down version and i have serious memory issues) but I like celebrating spring and I love having traditions for my kids. So, yeah, here I am stressing out about painting eggs in the next 36 hours.

But, really you can't pass on the opportunity to dress up your kids in bunny ears and hunt for treasures and eat too much candy. For me, when I was a kid, (my family was not religious either) Easter was waking up at my Grandparents to a pretty new dress hanging outside my door and a giant Easter basket. Then I would hunt for eggs, the whole procession between waking, dressing and hunting lasted about an hour, and I would spend the rest of my day eating candy in my frilly new dress. I will probably do much the same thing come Sunday (minus the pretty new dress).  How about you? Any big Easter plans? 


  1. Oh, dearling. You and I celebrate Easter in exactly the same way...both as children AND adults. I love us. Callum still wants to decorate eggs. My dad is here for the weekend, and he is decidedly un-thrilled. ;) But. There must be ham and some kind of corn souffle and a lot of chocolate. I need to get cracking.

    Lauren @ stillpluslife

  2. Christine, enjoy Easter with your family! You should try out some bunny ears for yourself, just for laughs!

  3. My family never attributed religion to anything we did, even though my mom was raised Jewish. We had Easter Egg hunts and Passover seders, Christmas trees and a Hanukkah menorah. We did it all, purely for the cultural elements. What kid doesn't want more fun family traditions, really? I'll be passing it down to my kids, too, one day. And you're right about the spring/fertility history behind Easter! It was the Pagan goddess of fertility, Ishtar, that the holiday got all it's iconic bits from, like bunnies and eggs. I love dyeing eggs. I don't care what the story is behind that, I just think it's sweet. And I love the image of little-you in your frilly dress eating candy!

  4. Well, your Easter sounds a lot like our Easter and, by that I mean, distinctly nonreligious. We just love us some celebrating and family traditions. Like Erin said, what kid doesn't love traditions - moments they will fondly look back on. It's all for the kids. You're way ahead of me going over to Pinterest for some inspiration. I think I'll follow your lead; No doubt there's some amazing stuff over there (exhibit A above). Happy Easter!

  5. That crochet egg holder - swoon! What a pretty way to dress up an egg! For us, the only Easter plans are dinner at my dads house. We don't do anything special - it's only an excuse to make a nice meal together :)

  6. my big plans for Easter are buying candy on sale at Walmart the day after -___- haha


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