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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Images Elle Decor

My guess is that this isn't the first time that you are seeing photos of this beautiful home but I just can't seem to stop revisiting them. My stack of magazines keeps growing but when my copy of Elle Decor came in the mail last week I knew I needed to take a few minutes to look at Ellen and Portia's house tour, I had been hearing quite the buzz about it.

I saw Ellen DeGeneres first apparence late one night on Johnny Carson. I remember laying on a bed my bff and I made on the floor staying up late, eating snacks, drinking chocolate milk (I was 10:)) and watching Johnny. For whatever reason she made an impression on me to remember that moment so clearly. At first I didn't know why I kept thinking about that "one comedian lady" forever (maybe there weren't very many female comedians at the time?) but as I watched her become Ellen Degeneres I figured out that she just makes an impression. Apparently some people are good and amazing and funny and also have some serious talent for renovation and design. Is there nothing she can't do?! I guess not. I am so in love with this house.

PS If you didn't notice - in the first photo the sign on the easel says "I'm glad I married you." So. sweet.


  1. WOWWWWW!!!!! Preciosidad!!! ♥♥

  2. Oh man. I hadn't seen it, but it has the bones of pretty much my dream house. Can I move now? Some day, I guess. Le sigh. Yeah, I pretty much want every room. A girl can dream, can't she?

    Oh, and I lovelovelove the idea of us being taken for sisters! ;)

  3. Funny, I posted the same house tour on my Icelandic blog today. I thought everyone would post and pin the photos like crazy so I had sort of decided not to post them. The living room is my favourite space; I love its style.

    Interesting that you still remember seeing her on TV all those years ago.

  4. That's not just a house, that's a home. And a beautiful home at that. It's lived in, well styled, but totally unique. I would never have guessed it was Ellen & Portia's house! I adore Ellen. I remember watching the sitcom she had when I was younger (I'm too young for Johnny Carson, unfortunately), and just loving her from day 1. They are a beautiful couple.

  5. So charming without being too busy. This is actually my first time seeing it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok, great minds! I'm sharing a small bit of Rossi and Degeneres's home tomorrow!! Gaw, I fell in love with every inch of this entire home and renovation. I don't even have a subscription to Elle Decor, but as soon as I saw Rossi and Degeneres on the cover, I knew there was magic inside and I had to buy the magazine on the spot. Degeneres is a master at renovating homes. Did you see the one she renovated right before this ranch home? Amazing, right? I love her sense of humor, too! They both have amazing style. Ok, I'll stop. Can you tell I'm smitten with them? ;)

  7. As you probably know, I am jealous of their STABLE. It's a dream and I would be content with just that

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