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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I couldn't help but share this little house because it's in my stomping ground of the Mt. Tabor neighborhood here in Portland. My son Fisher actually went to Mt. Tabor middle school. I am not exactly sure how I feel about it from these photos. It's interesting but if I were just to see these photos I may say it seems a bit confused. But knowing this neighborhood and knowing Portland, it makes sense.

This is a lovely neighborhood, it's near my one of my favorite streets, Hawthorne (if you have read my blog more than twice you have probably heard me mention it. It's where my favorite book store is, as well as my favorite crêperie). There is a huge and gorgeous tree filled park on top of the dormant volcano of Mt. Tabor, which is actually quite a tiny little mountain, in fact I am not sure how it qualifies as a mountain at all. There are beautiful views of the city, a water reserve, and grand old houses nestled next to your bungalows and craftsmans. It's a traditional neighborhood in the upper end of the bustling and eclectic street of Hawthorne where people flock for shopping and breakfast on the weekends. It's probably where my doctor lives. Or at least someones doctor.

So the exterior in keeping the traditional elements while mixing in some rather space-age modern designs probably gives the home owner what they wanted in the neighborhood they wanted without offending the neighborhoods traditional vibe. It's a little business in the front and party in the back. And I have to say I have never seen bedrooms like these ones, ever.


  1. I have to say, I don't find the "eyebrow" bedroom restful at all, but the quirkiness of the rest of the place is quite appealing. And I love the backyard. What a charming neighborhood you have!

    Lauren @ still + life

  2. It's definitely different! But the neat-freak in me wants to go into that living room and straighten out that rug, haha. And I like the idea of it, but I agree with Lauren, I don't find the bedroom as restful as I like my bedrooms to be. Maybe it's the funky flooring? It definitely works overall, and I probably wouldn't complain if someone gave me a house like this fo' free, haha. xoxo

    1. The rug is completely throwing me off too! While I like what the assymetry does to the room, my OCD is ticked off.

  3. Not exactly my style, but I have to say it's interesting to see how people use different spaces.

  4. I would love to live in this house,even if the rug is not my style.
    In one side keep the style of the neighbourhood and on the other it's really cool and modern. pERFECT COMBINATION!

  5. This is out of this world. I really mean that. It seems like it belongs on another planet or something. The ceilings in the bedroom are very intriguing though. I agree...I'm sort of torn about it - it's so weird it's cool, but not sure I could actually live there.

  6. At first sight, I thought this house was pretty unusual looking. Now that I've read your explanation, I can appreciate it a little more. The other day I was riding my bike through our neighborhood, taking a different route than my usual, and I noticed a house that was rather eclectic. I thought: Well, what's a home if not something you put your own unique stamp on. I suppose not everyone decorates their house for resell purposes. ;)

  7. Hmmmm. I am not sure how I feel about this one. There are elements that I love - it has very interesting 'bones', the abundant natural light and the entrance. But the decor needs some work, it feels a little too haphazard for me. It's certainly a head turner though!

  8. Each room is so different from the other. But it's nice to see people taking chances. I really like the architectural "party in the back".

  9. What a flipping funky house. I may freak out too much at the stripes in the bedroom but I think I could get down with everything else in the house


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