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Friday, April 26, 2013

I am calling this "Part Two" because I can't believe it's been a week since last friday. I thought last week went fast but this one went even faster. I didn't get the leisure time in I was hoping for but I did get a few things done and a few things almost done. And soon, I think, I will even have a couple projects finished to the point I can check them of my list. I have started so many things which are all in some fashion kind of dependent upon one another, so it's been go, go, go without seeing much results. Which sometimes makes me want to lay on the floor and be all dramatic like this little girl (I feel your pain little one). But I keep telling myself that glorious moment is somewhere around the corner where I start seeing things come together.

I did get a few things done this week like sewing up some of my new pillows with the fabric I made. I had been procrastinating a bit - I was nervous I would ruin the fabric. Because usually when I am nervous about something I tend to get a bit spastic and everything I ever knew takes a leave of absence from my brain. But I kept myself under control and now I have the start of my new line (which also takes care of a couple of other things on my to-do list too. But I won't bore you with every detail of my life. I promise I am leaving a few things out at least.)

We also got Luca's allergy tests back. He's allergic to wheat, oats and soy. Personally I think soy is evil so I am okay with that one, but no oatmeal?! I am seriously going to have to put my chef's hat on, or at least my apron because there is literally wheat and/or soy in everything! We all have gluten intolerance which has been easy to deal with for the most part but Luca is celiac, plus the allergies, so it's a little overwhelming to know I can't eat out spontaneously pretty much ever again. But really I am just thankful that he won't have to suffer anymore as it seems even looking at wheat makes him sick.  We are also all lactose intolerant but I need cheese I can't get all radical on that front. I need my goat cheese and my brie and my gouda and my cheddar.

I also painted my room. I don't love the color (a little more prison cell grey than the white i was going for) but it's a vast improvement and I don't have the time or the willpower to get all crazy like I usually do and end up with 4 coats of paint on my walls before I find the perfect shade. It will do for now. And to spruce it up I bought some fresh flowers and dusted off one of my throw rugs I have had in storage for awhile (years). I actually found it when I was in my purging kick, I had forgotten about it (sad). But now it's like new to me again (yay).

The weather has been perfect around here so tomorrow I am having another go at the yard sale. It is suppose to be 80 today! But of course everyone in my house ended up with 102 fevers this week, but I am just hoping that the universe will be good to me and at least not let me get sick until Sunday! Cross your fingers for me and have a happy, happy weekend!


  1. I've been working on so many projects myself lately that I know what you mean when you say you want to lay on the floor and be all dramatic. I'm so happy it's Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Your fabric looks amazing! I have such trouble with task initiation on the things that I care deeply about. I'm so afraid. Totally. But good for you for taking the plunge. Sometimes baby steps are all you need.

    And poor Luca. What a mess. I know answers are good, but BUMMER. Soon you'll adjust and get it all figured out again, and maybe he'll grow out of some of this stuff. That has definitely happened to Cal with some of his allergies. And Neel was once so allergic to eggs that when he was a kid you could crack an egg and he'd be in the other room and his throat would close up. Now he's a total egg gobbler!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my birthday post. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. XO
    Lauren @ still + life

  3. I'm sorry about your poor boy, but I'm happy you know what you can do to help get him back to being a kid again. Food allergies are tough, I hope it's not too tough of a transition. And I totally agree soy is super evil, it does a lot of harm to the body, but it's also so bad for the environment. It takes so much energy to turn soy into anything.

    I hope you have a great week.



  4. Poor little tots with those food allergies! I'm technically allergic to cheese/dairy too, but if you try to take my cheese away from you, you will lose a finger. :D Everything is doable, and I trust you guys will find a good rhythm to eating out and cooking in soon enough. Still, poor thing. My doctor thought I might have celiac, since I have a weird esophageal disorder (long story), but my tests came back clear. Whew! I would have been looking to you for answers if it hadn't though, haha.

    Your pillows are looking incredible! That fabric is truly something else, I can't wait to see them all finished. Eeps! Not to rush you or anything ;) Have a great weekend, darling! xoxo

  5. Hah, I love your yard sale sign. And that video with the little girl and her bowl CRACKED me up. I'm more impressed that the dad didn't just crack up

  6. It really seems like you accomplished so much this week! I have a feeling that my upcoming week will be just the same and it's a little over whelming! But like you, one thing at a time.. :)

  7. Oh, it sounds like you had such a productive week! Hopefully, your weekend is turning out to be just as productive, especially with the yard sale (cute sign!).
    Hm, so no wheat, oat, or soy. That's a tough one. We have a couple of littles in our extended family with very bad peanut allergies, but they seem to have escaped the other allergies. Have you seen Gwenyth Paltrow's new cook book? I flipped through it at the book store and it seems to address all these allergies and includes recipes.
    The new collection looks so beautiful, Christine! I can't wait to see the whole collection when it's launched. Keep on trucking and enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  8. Another seriously productive week Christine! I think I might have a gluten allergy so I have been trying a gluten-free diet and I am already sick of it, so you have my sympathy! I couldn't even comprehend a world without cheese though! I laughed out loud at your yard sale sign.


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