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Friday, April 19, 2013

I know I am a little late to the party today but I am here. It's just been the sort of week where you are a little behind or confused or spaced-out or down in the dumps or excited and full of spunk or learning new things or letting go of old things. . .  I have been/doing all of the above this week (for a few weeks?) on a seemingly rapid cycle. So I am not totally tip-top but I am totally fine at the same time. I guess I am just an emotionally-invested sort gal with a lot of things going on at this moment, so moving from one thing to the next seems to take me on a roller-coaster of emotion. Which I am not normally inclined to. I am a deal-with-one-thing-at-a-time kind of gal and pretty consistant in my emotions. So it's taking some readjusting and remembering the days of my youth where I happily lived on an emotional roller-coaster. I feel a lot like the weather that has been going on around here lately, crazy. (photo 7)

As most of you all know I am working towards the Fab countdown and I have been organizing (photo 1 - just look at all the stuff I got out of my house!) and working on my logo in preparation. Those are all pretty big things for me and the latter two are things I have been putting off for at least a year. I also have been creating a new line of fabric, yay! Or I should say I finally ordered the fabric I started designing almost two years ago. (photos 2) I am really excited about it - no embroidery involved. Not that I don't love embroidery but it's fun to design something once and be able to produce in larger quantities, and it's just new and that feels really refreshing.

We have also had a plethora of doctor and dentist visits the last couple weeks. (photo 3) Okay, maybe not a plethora but a couple a week, and that feels like a lot. My little Luca has been kind of sickly since I started giving him solid food. So you know like 3 years ago. Sickly is probably not the right word choice but emotionally not quite as well adjusted, psoriasis, belly issues, stuff like that. So we all went gluten-free awhile back because I have suffered very similar issues all my life as well as a lot of joint pain. We all started feeling so much better, and while Luca did as well, he seems to be extremely sensitive to the point we are thinking he probably has celiac disease. We are also wanting to rule out other food allergies as well because sometimes the little guy just seems miserable and is constantly dealing with his body. And at four, um, he should just be having fun.

And as if I didn't have enough on my plate I am undertaking another painting project. (I can't pass up a good sale!) Anyone who knows me knows I am terribly indecisive, as in the debilitating sort of way. Or in the way where I get the urge to call people in the middle of the night and ask them their opinion for the umpteenth time.

And last but certainly not least I am looking to try to create my own store front (photo 5) and not use Etsy as my main squeeze if you will. I am ready to break up, or maybe date other people, or just be friends, or have an open relationship. Remember that part above where I said I was indecisive, that definitely isn't helping in this process nor is my super-basic technical skills. But now is the time so forward I must go.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and the world is a calm and filled with peace. I am hoping to get a little downtime and read some of my book. My older son, Fisher, insisted I read Game Of Thrones (photo 4), I was quite unconvinced that I would like them. I was wrong. He was right. Check point for Fisher.

**the photo of pillows in photo 5 are not mine. i was just too lazy to go through all my photos to get a preview shot while working on a design. that image was found here. grazie.


  1. I really really love that you are designing your own fabrics! I remember passing by all the old textile buildings and warehouses in Manhattan when I used to live in NY and I was always in such awe of it!

    Your own storefront sounds amazing! Something so small makes it seem like a whole new ball game. When you put it into perspective, Etsy really seems like a place for people to start off and you seem so established already!

    And Game of Thrones - so good! I've started reading because I love the show and it's so detailed and long. I am still in book one, but I love it because it seems like the story will last forever! I plan on catching up with my reading this summer after I graduate!

  2. Ha, I'm indecisive in a debilitating type of way, too. It drives my husband nuts, who is the polar opposite. Good thing we have each other - Ying and yang.
    Sorry to hear about all the issues your little is having. Poor guy, that can't be fun. I've been meaning to do a bit more research on the GF front, so thanks for the reminder. A good friend of ours decided to go GF for no other reason than to see if it made him feel better/healthier. So far, he's stuck with it, which tells me there's some great benefits even if you're not allergic.
    Good luck on picking the paint color for the bedroom and figuring out the store front! Do let us know if there's anything we can do to help. ;)
    PS~Love your new prints!

  3. Oh I love the sneak peeks into your Fab adventure - with the big order coming in, I don;t know how you've got the time for everything else (but hey, mothering is a full time job!)

  4. Wow, that is a lot going on all in one week. All those projects going on, it sounds very exciting and you must be buzzing with creative energy. I am eagerly waiting to see all the great things you are working on!


  5. OMG Christine, I got exhausted just READING about your week. Phew. You certainly do have a lot of stuff going on at the moment so I can totally understand your rollercoaster emotions. I can totally sympathise, life is nuts for me too so I feel your pain (and I don't even have a flourishing business or little munchkins to look after). I hope that you had a restful weekend and that this week goes a little easier on you!

  6. Not sure how I missed this post, but th first thing I want to say is how beautiful I think your collage is. I'm not digging how mine are going together these days, and while I tend to tend towards perfect symmetry, you're making a compelling argument (without even knowing it!) for mixing things up a bit!

    Second, my week felt a lot like yours sounds. Rushing from one place to the next without knowing it. I don't like those weeks and this one is starting out much the same. Thumbs up to the fabric!

    Lauren @ still + life

  7. Sorry to hear about poor little Luca. I'm planning to post about psoriasis this week - it's something that has been more on my mind these last few months. I really hope that you all have puzzled it out and that he's feeling better soon


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