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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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I know I am not alone in flowers being one of my favorite signs of spring. This week we are suppose to be back to sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's. This makes me want to fill my home not only with the much needed sunshine but bouquets of flowers. My favorites are tulips, white tulips to be exact. I just love the simplicity of having a bouquet of tulips, no fuss or fillers needed. But I have so many others too.

Roses are a favorite of mine. My grandmother had rows and rows of rose bushes and she would pour over catalogs each each year to add to her collection. When I think of her one of my most frequent images that comes to mind is setting in the grass next to her in the hot sun as she tended to her rose bushes. My grandfather would also buy her a rose bush each year for mothers day and looking back now I love the sentiment of such a gift. Even though they are gone I know their rose bushes are still there growing and blooming each year. (Sometimes I think about going in the dark of night and digging them up and bringing them back to my house but then I realize that would make me crazy. I am kidding. Mostly.)

A few others are Peonies, ranunculus, poppies, stargazer lilies (oh they smell so good!), and I could go on but I may end up listing every flower I know the name of. What are some of your favorite flowers?


  1. I am just terrible with flower names except that my sister is named for a flower and so everyone thinks that I am too - I won't tell you how many times I've been called "Rose"

  2. Gasp - that first arrangement is gorgeous and is exactly what I'm going for when I pick out flowers for our rehearsal dinner! My favorite flowers are lavender, surprise, but I also love orchids and ranunculus!

  3. Gorgeous floral arrangement. Yep, flowers r def a sign of spectacular spring. Ourtulips r starting to awaken (soooo beautiful seeing them from our windows). Though I hope today's VERY COLD weather don't scare the flowers back to hiding. This season, I amgoing to aim to learn flower names ... wish there was an phone app that I could take a photo of a flower and have the name revealed.

  4. You absolutely have to dig up that rose bush and bring it back to your house :) I'll play look-out for you if you want! We can wear matching ski masks and pretend we are flower liberating ninjas! My favorites are hydrangeas and peonies. They are just SO MUCH flower, you know? I also love tulips, and mini spray roses. They're so tiny and delicate. I love Ada's idea of having an app that tells you the names of flowers. There are lots that I think are pretty but cannot identify without some goofy googling. xoxo

  5. Tulips are among my favorites too. My grandparents had a rose bush in their front yard and each day he'd bring a rose in for her to put in a vase on their mantle. We have a stunning row of hydrangeas that are nearing bud and our peonies look to be less than anemic this year (first time ever). The old fashioned ones are the best. I love these photos.

  6. Peonies, Hydrangeas, Gerber Daisies...I could go on too.
    Your grandmother's collection must have been massive (pssst, I would come help you dig in the middle of the night. Joking. Mostly)

  7. White tulips are among my favourite flowers too. They are so beautiful and delicate. My father loves flowers and when I was little he would bring me a bunch of flowers from the flower market every Sunday. He still buys me flowers when I go home. That's why I will always consider a bouquet of flowers one of the most thoughtful and wonderful gestures in the whole world.

  8. You listed them all right up there. No, seriously, you did. Oh, wait, how could I forget?! Dahlias. I love dahlias, dark burgundy ones. Stargazers smell so good! To this day, I can smell one and it transports me back 20+ years to my college boyfriend's parent's house in Mill Valley, CA; The most idyllic little town right outside of San Francisco. I digress, flowers are powerful memory triggers for me, as well. :)


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