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Monday, April 15, 2013

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Happy Monday! There seems to be a slight casualty that occurs with the longer days, time seems to go faster. I can't believe the weekend is already over. My weekend was a mixed bag. I couldn't seem to pull it together until Sunday. Saturday, despite my mental efforts to remove myself from my couch, my body would not follow. I am not a napper but I ended up taking three little naps throughout the day because I simply couldn't keep my eyes open. After my third narcoleptic episode I decided my body was obviously craving the sweet state of complete laziness and so I let myself to succumb to it and got myself wrapped up in another marathon of reality TV. Needed.

After my frenzy of organizing last weekend I realized that I had merely taken off the thick top layer of my house and I still had more work to do, so that's how I spent yesterday - going through closets and drawers and cupboards making sure I am getting rid of all things I don't have use for, or attachment to - let's say most that is left is due to the latter.

This winter I was all about the black and white, but this spring I find myself gravitating towards comfortable, clean and inviting neutral color palettes. Here are some of my neutral spring picks. Those shoes . . . That living room . . .

And thanks again for all your wonderful feedback on my in-progress logo design. I can't tell you how helpful all your input has been. I have three designs that I am working on narrowing down to that final one!


  1. Qué preciosidad de post.
    Me gustan muchísimos los colores neutrales.

  2. I love neutrals like this. These sorts of colors work so well for me all year round; in the winter they match the pale sky and the washed out snow, and in the spring they are faded pastels...perfect. I wish I could get over my fear of succulents, haha (that IS a succulent, at the top, right?). They just look so scary and spiny! I do love the colors, though. They fade from green to almost purple. I'm proud of you for napping like a champion on Saturday, that's what weekends are for! And I'm planning on going to the Container Store soon and getting lots of drawer inserts and dividers so I can organize my life. Totally feel you on that one.

  3. I gravitate far more to neutrals than to any other colours – I find them incredibly soothing. Your weekend sounds like my idea of bliss but you didn’t say what reality tv show you got wrapped up in?

  4. I'm really gravitating towards neutrals lately. I am dying over that living space. How unbelievably gorgeous. And that sweet planter is darling. Happy Monday to you, I hope you're rested today! :)

  5. I love these spring picks! A neutral color palette is such a naturally elegant look!

  6. Sometimes we just have to indulge our laziness, it's something I have a hard time doing because I always feel guilty. Clearly your body needed some sleep and rest! I need to get some organizing done as well. Will be selling clothes and household items we do not long need at a flea market next month...The living room in the last image is fabulous, the windows are just amazing and don't get me started on the bookshelves below them...

  7. I tend toward neutrals. I have to force myself to veer away. In my clothes at least. It's easier to lean toward color in my home for some reason. Hmmm. And I'm with Nina...so hard to be lazy. I'm not at all a natural napper. But I agree, your body was telling you something. Smart to pay attention.

    Lauren @ still + life

  8. I love what Nina wrote, that sometimes we have to indulge in our laziness! It's so true, but I think I take advantage of it, to the point that's ruining me, ha ha. But I can relate, it's an effort to mentally and physically get your self out of this tate.

    Either way, that living room, oh God, that is a solidified orgasm. I would never want to leave my house with a living room like that1


  9. I'm loving this so much! I agree, neutrals are so inviting.. and cozy. It's easy to get comfortable in a room like THAT^ one. So much light, too. wow!

  10. It's hard for me to achieve such subtle nuances and to work with neutrals and soft pastels... but I love it so much! It is so elegant and timeless, impossible for me to achieve... a masterpiece of refinement!

  11. Lazy days are the best. Lazy days are far and few between, but when one comes along, my goal is to take a nap. However, wouldn't you know, when I finally crawl into bed to take a nap, I can't fall asleep. Of course! I am really, really loving blush right now, and especially paired with black and white.


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