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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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I have a work project coming up that I will talk about once it's a bit more finalized, which if it indeed ends up being so, I will be a busy busy-bee for the next few months. Part of my obsession of late with organizing my house is definitely influenced by this fact. If anything is amiss come crunch time it will suddenly sound really great to clean out all my closets rather than work. I swear when I was in college my house was never cleaner than during finals week. With that insight into myself I am hoping by getting my house in order before hand I will be providing myself an environment where I won't be too easily distracted with an insatiable urge to hunt down dust bunnies.

I know I have shared that I live in a pretty small space. It's about 1200 square feet which isn't that small, I know many live in far less, but at the risk of repeating myself - living with a house full of boys and having my own one-woman production line and stocking inventory and sewing machines and what-have-you, it can feel really cramped. Now I won't be able to dedicate a room to an office or workspace anytime soon like in these beautiful spaces, but I would really be happy to carve out a corner for some such space and these spaces are giving me some good inspiration for doing so. But, oh, I how I dream of having an entire room dedicated to just my work.  Or a basement. Or a garage. Not quite as pretty but those would work too.

Ooo, ooo, ooo and speaking of work, a little piece of DIY work that I did here on TPN made it on to Apartment Therapy. I think it's been a secret goal to make it on there someday so, yes, even though it's a tiny little thing I am pretty excited. I should really check google analytics more often because this was from a few weeks back, but I just saw it last night. You can see here :)


  1. Sounds exciting, that project. Can't wait to hear about it :-)

    Having your own little workspace makes life so much easier. Just a desk is an improvement, compared to working at the kitchen table and having to clean up your mess before every meal.

    We're only 2 + a cat in this house, which makes the space issue quite easy, but we've dedicated a whole room to our hobbies. We share the desk, but so far it's been fine taking turns.

    I love the image at the bottom left, from Bathwater. It's something with all the white and the chair just by the window with a lot of natural light coming in. That would be a productive space for me!

  2. Congrats on being mentioned on Apartment Therapy Christine!

  3. Well first, how exciting about the Apartment Therapy bit. Go you, girlie! We're working on re-tooling workspaces too. We have a desk in our family room, which is where our main desktop is, and I just want it to look better, you know. These spaces are very inspiring. We also have a room upstairs (I know I've mentioned that I have too much space...1200 sq feet would be perfect for us.) that we're cleaning out for an office. It's a bit of a pass-through room (used to be a bedroom, but when a master was added (before our time), it became a walk through to get to the master. It needs work too. Too much to do isn't there.

    Can't wait to hear about your exciting news!
    Lauren @ stillpluslife

  4. Ooo I love the work space with the gray wall, and all of them have so much gorgeous light! Perfect for inspiration in the work space.

    That's awesome that you got onto Apartment Therapy! That's one that I check every so often for some inspiration :)

    Can't wait to see what you're going to be up to! Sounds mysteriously exciting!

  5. Love the neutral look in these. I've been really into that lately. I love that you guys live in a small-ish space. Our home is about 1300, course I don't have three boys, but I have one girl, a dog and baby boy on the way. I love getting inspiration from your home photos. I always feel that keeping things simple is such a key when you live in a smaller space.

  6. I spend a lot of time drooling over other people's workspaces, so this is just fuel for the fire. I wish mine looked as organized or light-splashed as most of these! And congrats on that AT mention!! I'm crossing my fingers you get that big project you hinted at, even though it might tucker you out. Such exciting times around here at TPN!! xoxo

  7. I love these offices! My dream is to work from home because of the office space I would be free to design.

    Also congrats on the mention! I love those stamps!

  8. I can't imagine being a one woman show in a house full of boys, the clean up must be continual. I hope you get your work/retreat room someday soon.


  9. Green with envy over these beautiful work spaces. I seldom bring work home but I spend a great deal of my time blogging - I used to do this from my lap on the sofa but I moved some stuff around and managed to create a little space next to the tv in the living room. I too dream of the day that I can have my own little work space (and bathroom)!

  10. Your new project sounds exciting! I hear you on the small space. At the house we used to live in, I had a spare bedroom for my studio, and now we live in a 900 sq. ft. apartment, and I have a corner of the dining room. But, at least it's something :) I hope you can carve out a corner or shelf for yourself :)

  11. We live in an apartment and what I wouldn't give for a basement. Not even a backyard, just a basement.
    Congratulations on the AT mention!

  12. Well, first, congratulations on the {possible} new work venture and the AT mention! Go, Christine! Ha, I'm the exact same way when it comes to "work" (in my case). Suddenly, the office floor needs vacuuming or the bathroom needs cleaning when I need to sit down to write. Hm, perhaps therein lies my time management problems.
    That fourth photo down - A Merry Mishap's work space - do you follow her blog? You will die, or maybe you've already died. In which case, you'll understand when I say that her space and blog are amazing.


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