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Friday, May 17, 2013

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My Ikea Hemnes dresser broke this week. It literally just started coming apart at the joints. I think with my lack of folding skills I need something a little more solid. Luckily I was able to fix it, though, I don't think it will hold forever. But I think I am okay with that because I have been over mine for awhile now. I have also been wanting to give myself a bedroom makeover (as you may remember from my numerous posts about it) and this might be the motivation I needed to finally do so. Right now I don't have the time to spend toiling over dresser decisions (you may also remember indecisiveness would be one of the three words that would accurately describe me - the other two are still up for debate) but I do think I want a more low profile dresser. The Hemnes one I have now is really tall, which I thought would be better for my not-so-big bedroom, but I am fairly certain I was wrong. It feels like it looming over me while I sleep (especially now that I know it's super unstable). What do you think? Is the longer, low profile dresser better for a smaller space?

The last two images are vintage pieces (I really like that little wooden/painted number). Searching for a great vintage piece might take a little extra time but it also might help to narrow down my list and thus make the process go faster for me. Additionally vintage pieces tend to made with wood throughout and those good old fashioned tongue and groove joints which is why they are still around - they last forever. Particle board and tiny wooden pegs are not the best method for something that takes a real beating, and by beating I mean blindly stuffing full and shoving closed. But I am really loving the not-vintage pieces as well. Good thing I am not a in rush to decide, it's not going to be easy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am still so very busy and am hoping this weekend will be productive enough to get me past the "totally overwhelmed with my to-do list" phase.


  1. I adore that white dresser with the multiple colored wood draws! I think the low and long dressers are much more fabulous at making a statement and offer more surface space for jewelry or perfumes! Although, I have both in my room and couldn't decide on just one. I guess you're not the only indecisive one!

    1. I love that one too but a few of those drawers look to be a little teeny tiny. I will have to investigate in person.

  2. Hahaha, I'm honestly cracking up because I was planning on going to IKEA THIS WEEKEND and buying that exact same Hemnes dresser. My current 3-drawer situation is just too limiting (I keep giving away clothing and my drawers still won't close!) , but now I'm hesitant! I love #s 3 and 4 the most, I think. True story: I didn't have a dresser until I was 17. We had a closet for me growing up that had built-in baskets, but that was it. Good luck with your vintage search, should you choose to undertake that option. It's always really rewarding when you find that diamond in the rough. xoxo

  3. Wouldn't you know that I'm in the market for a new dresser too?! Like you, the one we currently have is on its last leg. I'm also favoring and looking at the low profile ones. Hoping to snag a vintage one at the Rose Bowl Flea, if we can ever find the time to get there one of these Sundays. So, it seems, we can wish each other good luck. I love all of your picks, especially those last three picks.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Christine!

  4. Yikes, dresser down huh (I tend to overstuff mine with my lack of folding as well). I recently found a vendor that has great panels for ikea item dressers/etc. (I can't remember them from the top of my head, but I will look it up with u want - just email me). What a great mix of dressers u curated, I especially love seeing how the top (wall) where dressers r placed are decorated.

  5. No. 5 is my style. But I really love all the options (and the look of course) of no.3
    We have a ton of IKEA pieces that I just know my husband plans to hold on to till the bitter end.
    Great weekend to you too Christine!

  6. I just adore your style so much! It fits mine almost exactly. :)

    REALLY digging the 4th and 6th ones though!

  7. Our bedroom is the one space in our home that I just don't think about when it comes to decorating. Isn't that sad? I love the color of our walls (a deep midnight blue), but everything in there is just thrown together. We have two dressers I have one tall one that belonged to my grandmother all to myself, and I share half of a lower profile one with Neel. ;) The tall one is sentimental and not my style, the low-pro is just old and needs to go.

    There are so many other things we need though that I can't even begin to think about new dressers, but if I could, I'd pick #s 1, 2 or 4! XO

  8. I really looked at dressers for awhile before settling on an IKEA one that was a fraction of what I was going to spend - for me, not worth it to spend the money yet. But my vote is for low profile!


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