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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am head over heels in love with this charming and whimsical Parisian apartment. Forget for a moment that I am over the nursery room years, have three little boys and live in Portland. My imagination wants to be here speaking french to my wee babes (i'd have to add a girl for that sweet nursery of course) as we look out over Paris from the Juliette balcony of my lovely bedroom. Or reading books in that adorable little nook, coloring on the chalkboard wall, sitting on my sofa admiring all my hand-carved moldings and ornate fireplace, discussing our days event at the little kitchen table . The only thing I don't imagine is cooking in that tiny kitchen but that is fine because if I could afford this sotheby's property listing I am sure I could afford to eat out every night (and maybe adopt a little girl too). Le sigh...


  1. Le Sigh is right. I'll say to you what I just said to Erin, thanks for finding us a place to stay in Paris!

    Two funny bits. For a freelance writing client (lawyers), I'm working on a newsletter on family law, which includes a tidbit on adoption. I felt the need to clear my history because I did NOT want Cal to see it. If he worried that WE were considering... we'll he'd not be amused!

    And yes. I could also see myself sitting on the sofa admiring the molding.


  3. Oh, this is beautiful, Christine! I adore the children's rooms. That chalk board wall is fantastic (I think I want one in my home office) and that breakfast nook with the photo gallery wall is so charming.

  4. All the rooms have a FUN yet classically relaxed feel to them - I luv! The nursery = I wanna play in it ;) The bedroom = nice escape from a hectic day.

  5. love this interiors and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  6. Wow. Okay. I feel like I just wandered into a fairytale dream. Can I please move into to that child's bedroom? Amazing.

  7. The kid's room is a DREAM - I would take that room now. So maybe I haven't grown up all that much

  8. Ohhhhh mon dieu. Oui, merci. Je vais acheter un apartment a Paris le meme que ce. Oui! Je souhaite, j'espere, etc etc. J'aime ces fenetres, la chambre du bebe (est-ce que vous avez vu la lumiere "La Case de cousin Paul"?? Je fait!), et tous. La cuisine est une bonne taille pour un apartment Francais, quel surprise, je sais. xoxo

    1. oh, oui! i see the lights now! i would seriously have no complaints about the kitchen if i could live there - in truth it's not that much smaller than the one i have now. isn't it just the dreamiest?! xo

  9. Love. Love it! The kid's room is my fave, but I also love how the "adult" bedroom is so serene. And I've never seen a living room with so much happening - and have it look so appealing. Love all of it.

  10. Sigh, you had me at the first photo, and then my jaw dropped even further with each successive photo. I love every last morsel and detail - fedoras hanging on the wall in the living room, chalkboard wall in the kid's room, beautiful moldings throughout...Sigh, again. Oh, and all the pretty wallpaper. All of it, just lovely. PS~Love that Erin wrote her entire comment in French *and* you understood it. ;)


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