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Friday, June 28, 2013

If you follow me on instagram you will see that this week I have pretty much dedicated to eating. It's been cold and rainy which made me feel hungry and snacky. So I figured why not end the week with a bang? And what's a better way to so than with bbq at our favorite place, followed by ice cream at the fabulous Salt & Straw which was then promptly topped of with a macaron? (btw I had the strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper and the arbequina olive oil. yum.) I was pretty much comatose after this little feast.  But we are suppose to headed into a heatwave as of tomorrow (maybe record breaking they say?) so hopefully I will quickly burn the 5000 calories I consumed today. Which, of course, was totally worth it. I think.

Both the places we went were in an area where once a month we have last thursday - it's started as an art walk to rejuvenate a pretty worn down neighborhood (it worked & it now boasts some of the highest real estate prices in pdx). Then local crafters and artists started setting up booths on the streets, stores and boutiques popped up and down 20 blocks of Alberta Street and it turned into all of these things plus a street party. Now the prime portion of the street gets totally shut down to cars and there is all sorts of street entertainment: break-dancers, fire dancers, bicycle parades, music. It's gets a little wild and has been threatened to be permanently shut down a time or two. So I haven't been for the last few years, not since my little M+L came along actually. The plan was to stay but as the salt kicked-in and the sugar wore off we just weren't strong enough to, well, walk. I was planning on buying one of those porcelain hands on our travels back down the street, but we never made it - they were only $10 and I think they are lovely. Hopefully next last-thursday will be more successful. Have a great weekend! Any plans?

Progress, I Love You

Thursday, June 27, 2013

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I had a different post all ready to go for today but I am skipping that to celebrate yesterday (it's totally worth a multi-day celebration, dontchathink?!) Whether you are for marriage in the general sense, or not, yesterday was such big day. I understand choosing to get married as well as I understand choosing not to get married. I am all for both. But for some the rights that come along with legalized marriage has a much larger impact than a personal belief system. Say immigration rights for example, or a family not having to file two individual tax returns. I heard this interview last week and I have been wrought with worry for this couple over what the supreme court ruling would be. I can say today I am so happy for them and so many more couples who can go about their lives togethers. Cheers to that. Cheers to love. And cheers to progress.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My feelings about this cabin home are anything but neutral the wonderful color palette is all about fresh and warm neutrals tones - which I happen to love right now. This is the home of Oscar winner (for this documentary), Bobby Houston and his partner, Eric Shamie. I don't know about you but I think I could be quite happy to have a little retreat like this myself. And I know it's summer right now but I can't help but see a christmas tree here and stockings hanging on the fireplace. I always dream of escaping the holiday rush in a perfect little cabin retreat. Now I will have a place to visualize when the holidays roll around again (don't worry I am not rushing it, in fact I am still waiting for summer to get here). And of course I also visualize summer retreats as well, but in those I picture something a little more rustic like this.

Favorite Finds | 24 | Random Goodies

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Citybook Modular Bookcase by Mr. Less and Mrs. More I find these modular bookcases to be quite perfect. Notice each piece is in the shape of a house and you can create a large scale piece like this one or a smaller version. Love.

Whenever I find a new artist or song that I love I tend to listen over and over. I am doing that currently with this.

Remember when I said pink was growing on me. Well, I think I figured out where that is coming from. I have been heavily influenced by M & L - -it's favorite color which means I am constantly on the lookout for pink "boys" clothing. I love this from ZanziBach on Etsy.

This is one of my summer go-to hairstyles but I am never quite sure that I am doing it right, my ends always show up midway through the day but luckily yesterday I ran across his is a tutorial. Happy Tuesday.

A Fine Little House

Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally finding myself a little less busy this weekend I spent some time catching up on some of the blogs I subscribe to via email. I usually do this on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee in hand before my little ones rise. Fine Little Day is probably the one that I most treasure and covet my time with in this weekend morning ritual - it always puts me in a wonderful and homey mood.

I am not one that often gets enamored by people I don't know. But once in awhile there is a person be it a blogger/celebrity/teacher/writer that while you have no personal connection with them you feel affection because of their point of view, their artistry, or their values, et. al..  Elisabeth is definitely a person I find myself pretty enamored with. The fact that she is a mother, who through her photos, it is obvious treasures time spent with her family while also running a thriving business, and obviously has a beautiful blog. She has even collaborated with her children in some of her designs (this is what first drew me to her). Her style is both whimsical and modern. She is a person I would say is very inspirational. Her photos are always among my favorites, anywhere online. And my all-time favorites of those are the ones she shares of her country home in SmÃ¥land, Sweden. So when I saw her post that they were putting their little country home up for sale my heart felt a little tug. If I had a favorite online escape this would be it. It is so cosy and I love the quiet vintage feel. I also follow her on instagram particularly for more inspirational little sneak peeks of this house. It felt a little odd to be saddened by the prospects of someone else's house being sold as if it were a personal loss but when I read the comments I found I wasn't alone. One commenter writes "wow, i can't believe it actually sort of hurts to read this!" Indeed.

So I emailed Elisabeth and asked if she would be okay with me sharing her country home on my blog. She graciously said yes - she also added she doesn't know if they are going to sell. From these photos you can see why. And I am guessing it's the love that they have for each other, their home and their time together that comes through in the photos that have made myself and many others fall in love with it so (and her excellent styling and decorating skills). For more information about the home you can visit Fine Little Day.

Photos with permission via Fine Little Day

Two Years

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's the two year anniversary of my shop today! It's an exciting and reflective day for me. And honestly the shop and the pillows are really just a by-product of what I actually think about on this day (which is why I didn't plaster this post with photos of my work). My work hasn't changed my life in any drastic way that you can see from the outside but it's definitely allowed me to be where I want to be. At least in all the most important ways. Two years ago I found myself facing some changes in life, as is bound to happen sometimes. And as is my tendency with change I was afraid. But in my heart I knew change was necessary and I knew I didn't want to simply let the changes change my life. I didn't want to sit back and hope for the best and end up with something that didn't make me happy. I wanted to be apart of the changes. Or maybe the change itself. I wanted to make whatever was going to happen happen rather than waiting to see what happened to me. I wanted to work hard at something I really loved with my own two hands, literally. So I faked some confidence and decided to do something different. Which included not sitting around and talk myself out of my ideas or tell myself what I wanted wasn't who I actually was (as I had been doing for months prior). I didn't allow myself to doubt my abilities, well, okay, I did a little bit of that, but I did stop being afraid to fail. I knew I might fail but I knew I might fail at something else too, so why not at least fail at something I'd actually like to try? So try I did by simply pretending to be the person I wanted to be and then I became that person. I am still becoming that person. So it's kind of like an anniversary/birthday for me today. It's good stuff.

And it also happens to be the anniversary (or there abouts) of The Plumed Nest which was officially re-launched this time last year (with the help of the lovely ana). And the best thing about that? Definitely the connections and relationships I have made. I don't think I ever believed it was possible to really make such strong friendships through blogging. It certainly wasn't why I started (like I said, I didn't know it was something to put in the pros column). But I can say it's the by far the best best part. Happy weekend friends xo

A Corner

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Hello little corner. The first thing that caught my eye about this cheerful little space was the lucite console with the magazines stacked up underneath (and the coffee table too). I have an ever growing collection of magazines that seem to multiply like rabbits. In fact I don't even remember subscribing to half of them (does this happen to anyone else?). But being as I haven't had time (made time) to read them all I can't throw them out and I know if I put them "away" they will forever sit under my stairs or high in a closet. I love the idea of keeping them accessible but also using them to add visual interest that isn't as cluttered as what I currently have going on. And while pink is presently in my favor I am also loving it paired with a hints of gold and blue. And of course every few months I have to add a berotia diamond chair to one of my wish lists. It's still on there - someday. Someday I will have one and I will name him harry after his dad, which will suit him perfectly after I dress him up in a sheepskin.

Oh, and if you haven't checked out the selections of rugs from Lulu & Georgia you should do that now. So many. So pretty.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I had such a lovely bouquet of roses but sadly after a few days they were wilting and needed to be tossed out. But when I went to grab them from the vase the rosey fragrance let loose and I just couldn't bring myself to throw them in the trash. I also didn't want to keep watching sad little petals fall all over my table anymore either. So I decided to make some rosewater to capture their lovely scent. It had been a long time since I had made rosewater but luckily it's so simple even I could remember how to do it.

I pulled all the petals off the stems and then rinse them in cold water. Placed them in a small pan and added enough cold water to cover them. I then just let them simmer, covered, until most of the color was out of the petals. After that you let it cool and then drain the rosewater into a clean container. I think keeping in the fridge should make it last longer if you end up with extra. I ended up with about a pint of rose water from only one bouquet of flowers, so you don't need a lot to make a little.

What do you use rosewater for? One of my favorites (and is sooo easy) is to add a couple tablespoons to fresh distilled water and place it in a spritzer to use on your linens. A recipe I have made in the past is to add a few drops of oil, like aragon oil to rosewater to make a facial hydrating toner. It can also be added to lemonade or ice tea for flavor - in fact you can use it in lots of different cooking recipes. But again, using it in food or on your body, I'd be sure to use petals you know are not contaminated with pesticides and be sure to rinse them first!

Pretty In Pink

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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"I love pink, I think it's a color that's had a bad rap, it's made out to be a thing for babies or women who wear too much makeup, but pink is really a subtle and delicate color, and it figures a lot in Japanese poetry." - The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

I have been reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog for quite some time. It has been picked up + put down an extensive amount of times over the last year. I can say what I didn't love about it at first is that it is one of those books where you feel like you are inside the authors one-time or another stream of thoughts. And when these thoughts are placed onto characters that initially come across as contrived, judgmental and fairly unlikable it's a turn off for me - and I end up thinking about how abhorrent the author would find me if we were to ever meet in person instead of being engrossed in the story. I had almost given up but I decided my mood for it was right this time. It was. And I got attached to the story and characters and ended up dog-earing several pages so I could go back and re-read lines here and there. The one up top is one of them.

For years I detested pink. I am not sure if it was really coming from my personal taste or if it was the memories of conversations on"fashion" with fellow middle-school aged girls where we would talk about which colors looked best on us. The conversation would inevitably turn to the fact that pink (and red) would be the worst possible color(s) for me to wear (and wasn't that a sad lot in life). And while you are probably still unlikely to see me wearing too much pink (or red, though as i write this i am wearing red pants), I am not afraid to say that I have found I quite like a sprinkle of muted pinks in my decor. These days I am really loving the equalled measure of calm and warmth that pinks can bring to a space. But just to show that I have range - I added a room with some more vibrant hues too (and a really cute french bull dog).
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