A Fine Little House

Monday, June 24, 2013

Finally finding myself a little less busy this weekend I spent some time catching up on some of the blogs I subscribe to via email. I usually do this on a weekend morning with a cup of coffee in hand before my little ones rise. Fine Little Day is probably the one that I most treasure and covet my time with in this weekend morning ritual - it always puts me in a wonderful and homey mood.

I am not one that often gets enamored by people I don't know. But once in awhile there is a person be it a blogger/celebrity/teacher/writer that while you have no personal connection with them you feel affection because of their point of view, their artistry, or their values, et. al..  Elisabeth is definitely a person I find myself pretty enamored with. The fact that she is a mother, who through her photos, it is obvious treasures time spent with her family while also running a thriving business, and obviously has a beautiful blog. She has even collaborated with her children in some of her designs (this is what first drew me to her). Her style is both whimsical and modern. She is a person I would say is very inspirational. Her photos are always among my favorites, anywhere online. And my all-time favorites of those are the ones she shares of her country home in Småland, Sweden. So when I saw her post that they were putting their little country home up for sale my heart felt a little tug. If I had a favorite online escape this would be it. It is so cosy and I love the quiet vintage feel. I also follow her on instagram particularly for more inspirational little sneak peeks of this house. It felt a little odd to be saddened by the prospects of someone else's house being sold as if it were a personal loss but when I read the comments I found I wasn't alone. One commenter writes "wow, i can't believe it actually sort of hurts to read this!" Indeed.

So I emailed Elisabeth and asked if she would be okay with me sharing her country home on my blog. She graciously said yes - she also added she doesn't know if they are going to sell. From these photos you can see why. And I am guessing it's the love that they have for each other, their home and their time together that comes through in the photos that have made myself and many others fall in love with it so (and her excellent styling and decorating skills). For more information about the home you can visit Fine Little Day.

Photos with permission via Fine Little Day


  1. This home is so cozy - I can completely understand why you are drawn to it and her family! I adore the wallpaper variety, as well as that oven in the kitchen. I can see that dreams are made in kitchens like that. Whether they end up selling or not, I do wish them the best :)

  2. Normally I wouldn't love a place like this, but I am smitten. That house has universal appeal, and I can see why they're torn about selling it! It looks so cozy. I also love that cat. It's the most interesting looking cat I've ever seen and I just wanna snorggle it. That's not a word, but you know what I mean. Thank you for sharing, and thanks to Elisabeth for letting us take a peek! xo

  3. This home is absolutely stunning! The wallpaper...the textiles...the furniture...every detail is so amazing!

  4. So cute...it's like farmhouse/country/bohemian. I love seeing people's creative style and how they make it work in their home! :)

  5. The collab with her son on wallpaper is too cute for words.... *melt*

  6. Cute and cozy are the first words that come to mind. I love the wallpaper but most of all, I LOVE that fireplace!

  7. What a charming house! Usually I am not one for so much wallpaper but it works so well in this house. Absolutely would love to sit near the fireplace in the wintertime...

  8. Dear Christine, thank you for kind words and nice post. I'm honored :)

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