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Friday, June 28, 2013

If you follow me on instagram you will see that this week I have pretty much dedicated to eating. It's been cold and rainy which made me feel hungry and snacky. So I figured why not end the week with a bang? And what's a better way to so than with bbq at our favorite place, followed by ice cream at the fabulous Salt & Straw which was then promptly topped of with a macaron? (btw I had the strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper and the arbequina olive oil. yum.) I was pretty much comatose after this little feast.  But we are suppose to headed into a heatwave as of tomorrow (maybe record breaking they say?) so hopefully I will quickly burn the 5000 calories I consumed today. Which, of course, was totally worth it. I think.

Both the places we went were in an area where once a month we have last thursday - it's started as an art walk to rejuvenate a pretty worn down neighborhood (it worked & it now boasts some of the highest real estate prices in pdx). Then local crafters and artists started setting up booths on the streets, stores and boutiques popped up and down 20 blocks of Alberta Street and it turned into all of these things plus a street party. Now the prime portion of the street gets totally shut down to cars and there is all sorts of street entertainment: break-dancers, fire dancers, bicycle parades, music. It's gets a little wild and has been threatened to be permanently shut down a time or two. So I haven't been for the last few years, not since my little M+L came along actually. The plan was to stay but as the salt kicked-in and the sugar wore off we just weren't strong enough to, well, walk. I was planning on buying one of those porcelain hands on our travels back down the street, but we never made it - they were only $10 and I think they are lovely. Hopefully next last-thursday will be more successful. Have a great weekend! Any plans?


  1. Uhh yeah, I've been drooling over your Instagram pictures and they've been making me hungry at the most unopportune times. I'll definitely be eating some ice cream this weekend

  2. Wow both of these places look really awesome. That is one of the things I definitely miss about living on the west coast. These fun, quirky, eclectic places to eat.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  3. oh my, what perfect and delicious experiences

  4. Wow, what a place!! If i had that a few blocks away I'd be there every weekend, I'm with you sister!!

  5. I pinned most of these pictures because they are fantastic (I have to scroll through your previous posts to remember what camera you settled on in the end...). I'm now off to hunt down some ice-cream, at 7 in the morning!

    1. i ended up getting the nikon 5100. i am pretty happy with it, glad you are too :)

  6. Those macaron flavors sound so phenominal! Balsamic in a macaron - I want! The only places with macarons around here mostly have American flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but there are some traditionally French flavors coming more like pistachio, lemon, coffee, and now even licorice!
    Your art walk street party sounds just like the one that I went to recently on Virginia drive! It makes me happy to think that we are almost as cool as Portland :)


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