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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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"I love pink, I think it's a color that's had a bad rap, it's made out to be a thing for babies or women who wear too much makeup, but pink is really a subtle and delicate color, and it figures a lot in Japanese poetry." - The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

I have been reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog for quite some time. It has been picked up + put down an extensive amount of times over the last year. I can say what I didn't love about it at first is that it is one of those books where you feel like you are inside the authors one-time or another stream of thoughts. And when these thoughts are placed onto characters that initially come across as contrived, judgmental and fairly unlikable it's a turn off for me - and I end up thinking about how abhorrent the author would find me if we were to ever meet in person instead of being engrossed in the story. I had almost given up but I decided my mood for it was right this time. It was. And I got attached to the story and characters and ended up dog-earing several pages so I could go back and re-read lines here and there. The one up top is one of them.

For years I detested pink. I am not sure if it was really coming from my personal taste or if it was the memories of conversations on"fashion" with fellow middle-school aged girls where we would talk about which colors looked best on us. The conversation would inevitably turn to the fact that pink (and red) would be the worst possible color(s) for me to wear (and wasn't that a sad lot in life). And while you are probably still unlikely to see me wearing too much pink (or red, though as i write this i am wearing red pants), I am not afraid to say that I have found I quite like a sprinkle of muted pinks in my decor. These days I am really loving the equalled measure of calm and warmth that pinks can bring to a space. But just to show that I have range - I added a room with some more vibrant hues too (and a really cute french bull dog).


  1. For many years I had similar reactions to pink. I worried that a love of it would make me look too girly, not to be taken seriously. And then I was part of a group of women who met each week for coffee. One of those women, rather a force, once said to another friend, "Oh NO! You shouldn't wear pink. We're too grown-up for that. You should wear RED." After that I got a little defensive for pink.

    I can't wear it either (I have pink/reddish skin, so annoying.), but we have a wall in our living room painted pink. I love it. Neel helped pick the color and he went far pinker than I was willing to, and it's awesome!

  2. I've always been the type to stay away from pink.I once bought a shirt that was pink but I loved the knit and the structure so much I had to have it regardless of color. I try to incorporate it into my wardrobe because it's so true -although feminine, it is so calm and soft. I wear boots too often in fall so pink is always complimentary of my masculine-shoe-style. Just like pairing it with that copper hanging light - it's a perfect match of masculine and feminine.

  3. This color pink is more salmon to me than saccharine sweet bubblegum pink, you know? It's easy on the eyes, and I actually like small doses of a muted colors like this. I have a few pale pink (almost peach, really) cardigans that I'll throw on over my otherwise all-black-and-gray wardrobe (although you and I are red pants twins, too!). And is it just me or is the urge to walk into picture #2 and straighten out that framed photo above the bed OVERWHELMING? haha.

  4. It's funny...I also had this incredible aversion to pink. As I've gotten older I really have learned to appreciate it's warmth like you say. I think perhaps though my initial distaste came from the obnoxious Barbie pink colors of the eighties. haha.

  5. I've always love the soft fun (yet peacefulness) that pink can give... in home decor, clothing, make-up (my fave blush is pink). The color is like eating COTTON CANDY (a peaceful + yummy fun experience). Umm, now I am craving cotton candy .. and need to apply more pink blush ;)

  6. Beautiful pictures Christine! Unfortunately I fell out of love when I moved to England - given the dark colouring of my hair and my constant paleness from lack of sunshine, it makes me look washed out and tired. But I am slowly warming towards it again, especially the soft (oh so glam) hue like that above.

  7. Love the bedroom photo with the light hanging from the ceiling, I wish I could have that in our bedroom as well. The intentionally askew hanging frame is such a fun touch. Oh, and I want to steal the dog from the last image. And yes I do like pink, in fact I was wearing a pink dress to work yesterday...

  8. I'm really not a pink person either but it's starting to creep its way into my wardrobe. Very subtly but it's there


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