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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It is been hot here this week and while I love it there is almost nothing on earth that doesn't make me dream of traveling. The winter makes me want to go to a snowy cabin (or more likely someplace simply where it isn't winter) and the heat makes me wish I were languishing in the sun somewhere like Spain.  No matter how happy I may be I am always a dreamer - luckily daydreaming makes me happy and I have a blog as an outlet so this isn't a problem, so far.

This week I am dreaming of this charming Spanish village farm house turned boutique hotel in Costa Brava, Spain. The owners fell in love with the house when they saw it five years ago and wanted to keep it true to it's style but bring it back to life. Based on these photos I would say that they accomplished that. I love the architectural details and the choice of colors and how they used them. So charming. I can clearly see myself lounging in one of those hammocks with a good summer book. How about you?


  1. I really like all the colours - they aren't overwhelming because the decoration is kept rather simple. Honestly, you had me at 'farm house'

  2. I think it looks great, absolutely charming, although I can't find myself being comfortable with this particular 'decor'... however, I did stay in a 'cave' house in Grenada (because it gets so hot in the summer) with similar architectural details and absolutely loved it. I felt like I was living on another planet, or I had gone back to the Flintstones age (in the best way possible). I would really recommend Spain!


  3. That dining nook is perfect. I wish I could beam myself there right now, by those open windows and that darling red pendant lamp. OR in that clawfoot bathtub. Either one. I definitely need to go to Spain one of these days! I'm glad I'm not alone in my constant travel daydreams. xo

  4. that bathtub - gorgeously white and claw footed. i like that heat makes you want to be in spain. most people would say the beach. i have to say, i'd go to spain over the beach any day.

  5. I can easily see myself there too, like at a table in the garden sipping lemonade (love those stone walls).


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