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Monday, July 1, 2013

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend. They were right about the weather and Portland did in fact get a heatwave this weekend. It's been hot and it feels even hotter when the week before it was cold and rainy, but don't worry, I am not complaining. I love summer weather. I love the change in weather. After my post last week where I shared this image of an up-do I decided to find some more summery hairstyles - no french-braiding required. I have been in need for a hair cut for, well, I won't admit to how long, but the warm weather has made me even more painfully aware that I am way overdue. And right now up-do's and pulled back hairstyles seem to be the way to go now that summer is finally here.

These all seem pretty simple to accomplish. Even for someone like me who does not possess any real hairstyling skillz. Though I have to admit french-braiding my own hair is something I taught myself when I was really young. I am sure it was a skill attained through pure stubbornness when my mom refused my zillionith request to braid my hair. Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me french-braid anyone else's hair. These are definitely my speed - a little messy, no burning hair appliances necessary, with an easy, feminine and summery feel. Not to mention the lovely textiles. Now I need to go on a treasure hunt to find my scarves - or maybe even some new ones. P.S. 2, 3 & 5 have tutorials if you click on the link. Happy July! 


  1. So many of these are so pretty! I need to get more scarfs! These look so perfect for keeping hair out of the face for summer, but the scarves are so colorful and fun for summer it's like they serve as an accessory first! I think I will have to keep an eye out for some lovely patterned scarves.

  2. I'm not a very good girly-girl, considering the only thing I can do with my hair is put it in a ponytail, and I don't even do that all that much because I get bad headaches when my hair has been up too long. The same is true for headbands. Lame. But these are all so chic and beautiful! I'll have to admire them from afar. xo

  3. These are so gorgeous, I might have to give them a try. Sadly every time I try to wear a scarf in my hair I tend to look like a wannabe mechanic.


  4. Lovely summer hairstyles. I sometimes use a scarf to tie my hair in a ponytail, but I'd also love to try the bun hairdo here.

  5. I find that some days I can have an 'on' day where my hair does exactly what I want (or I am better at doing it) but most days I'm hopeless. I need to spend the weekend practicing some new styles so that I can do it during the week in no time at all - no. 5 is right up my street!

  6. Hah! You should have seen me yesterday trying to do some of these styles... psh, it looks alot easier than it really is. Or maybe I'm just an idiot who knows nothing about hair... definitely the latter one. ;)

  7. LOL. I'm totally with you on french braiding others' hair. I can whip my own french braid up in five seconds but it takes me half an hour with someone else's hair and it inevitably then falls out in five seconds anyway


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