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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Have I mentioned I love summer? Oh, yes that's right I have. Well let me tell you that I am in love with this one especially. We have had such nice weather here, and let me also tell you, it's been a long time since I have spoken those words in summer months. It's been hot and sunny and the days have been long and beautimous. All these lovely days have made me remember one of the reasons I love summer so much - the light. It starts early and goes late. It has so many phases and stages that can completely change the mood and scenery around you.

In the not-summer-months here it's often one variation of grey or another: light grey, medium grey, dark grey. Grey with rain. Grey with the promise of rain et. al.. My house is dark so even on sunny days in the not-summer-months it seems to go from sunrise to sunset in a matter of a few hours and most of it seems to miss my house all together. Not only have we been enjoying the time outside in the sun and noticing how a walk along the same path can look one way in the morning and completely different in the evening, but even in my house I have been enjoying the dance of light durning the long days. Each morning I have been waking up to a great ball of diffused sunlight and throughout the day the sun changes and cast prisms and shadows and it's just lovely.

Have you seen the amazing light and shadow art by Kumi Yamashita? It's almost unbelievable how the objects are transformed into such beautiful shadows.


  1. Christine, you always find the best stuff! I feel so lame compared! ;) One of my favorite things about our trip was the light. Still light out at 10PM? Sign me up. Light out at 4:30AM. I can deal with that too. I'm more and more convinced that I live in the wrong place...where I'm supposed to live is the question... :)

  2. Stunning pictures. Being from Scandinavia my favourite time is also the summer. I've since moved to one of the many Indonesian islands and one of the things I miss the most is the lovely light summer nights. Love your blog. Will come visit here more often.

  3. Oh, yes, we're usually blessed with such glorious sunny days during summer. And I try my best to be outside as much as possible to enjoy the long summer days.

  4. I'm happy you included that Eiffel Tower shot, because seriously, Paris gets the best light. Even in the winter, when things are pretty gray, after a rain storm or early in the morning or right at the end of the afternoon in the later summer, the light is just unbelievable. You will love it, when you go.

    How did the haircut turn out?? Inquiring minds! xo

  5. I keep the blinds of my windows in my room open during the summer months. I can't tell you what a delight it is to be awaken by beautiful, glowing sunlight (with the sounds of birds chirping to accompany it), even if our sunrise is at a 4 in the morning :) I think there's real scientific phenomenon connected to light and happiness, which is why I need to move to a hot country!


  6. It's starting to get dark earlier again (okay maybe I'm just being too sensitive to it all) and I'm trying to be out and about during all the hours it's light out. Maybe that's why I've been feeling so exhausted lately...

  7. We seem to have the same weather at the same time! It's also very rare that I can say heat, sun and London all in the same sentence but the last 2 weeks have been glorious! I never want summer to end, even with these hot and sweaty temps!

  8. Gorgeous imagery! I love the windows in the middle right photo. :) Would love to have those in my home!

    Also, I've never heard of Kumi before, but wow! I am so impressed. Such brilliant use of light + shadows!!


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