Monday, July 22, 2013

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty low key mostly spent going between catching up on house work, relaxing and working. Running a few errands over the weekend also prompted a couple yard sale stops and I must say I found some treasures. Remember the $1 ice cream maker I was so impressed with that I got a few weeks ago? Well I think I topped that.

My first yard sale stop was actually just right across the street at Grandma Kat's as she calls herself, who seems to have a yard sale every year and each year she pulls out more vintage items.  Her first yard sale I scooped up a pam-am carry-on that I am still just as in love with as the moment I saw it. This one I picked up the pretty ornate saw in the photo and the vintage camping stools (which need some new fabric) and maybe a few other things as well. Ooo, not pictured but another good one is a mid-century bullet sconce, like this, for Fishers room.

At the second sale I got that lovely vintage bag at the top. I am in love - with the color especially. The leather is perfectly worn and I have been longing for a new leather cross-body bag for the summer time. I also couldn't pass up the little plaster bust of a child, whom according to the garage seller, was her niece. After I drove away I realized I didn't ask the name of her niece and knowing the mystery would keep me awake at night (or at least every time I looked at it) I drove back and asked. Her name is Isabella and I hope Isabella doesn't see this and see that her aunt sold her for $1.00. Directly across the street from there I picked up a vintage scrabble game I didn't even know existed! It's called "sentence cube game" not the most creative name but it's fun. Really fun. I am pretty sure it would be the perfect game to play whilst having a few cocktails with friends. I also got the (like new) vintage wool blanket. Three Dollars. I know. It was a good yard sale day. I love the colors: coral and navy and teal, oh my.

I am assuming you are sitting down, but just in case you're not - have a seat. I have saved the best for last. At the last yard sale (I had to stop myself after this one and these were all literally within a few blocks of my house) I got a double length sheepskin for $15.00 bucks. I barely looked at when I was there I just grabbed it, tossed money at them and ran. When I got it home I questioned my purchase. I wasn't sure how I felt about a used sheepskin (especially having severe cat allergies and a wild imagination). I have read that you can machine wash sheepskin though I have always been weary about this process, but I decided I needed to take the chance or I would probably end up getting rid of it. I washed it, I brushed, I groomed it and it's lovely (the pictures are before pictures, so you can go ahead and picture it looking 10x better now). That $15.00 was a worthwhile gamble and paid off. With finds like this I may have to get one of those bumper stickers that says "caution! i break for yard sales!"


  1. You're right. I'm glad I was sitting down. I want a sheepskin SO BADLY. It's quite sad, actually.


    But good on you and what a lovely weekend it sounds like you had. Nice.

  2. I've never been to a yard sale most probably because in my neck of the woods, (Indonesia) there is not alot of them going around. It sounds like a whole lot of fun though and I love the scrabble game you found.

  3. Oh yay for the sheepskin find! My grandparents were total yard sale fanatics (we'd brake for every single one) but it has been a long long time since I've been to one. I'm glad you were able to get such good finds out of the ones you've been to. Knowing me, I'd just bring home more books.

  4. That. BAG. !!! Whoa, girl, you scored in major ways. Can you send me some of your awesome yard sale vibes, please? That sentence cube game is probably my favor score from your haul. It looks like a total blast, and one that could quickly turn into an, ahem, adult version fairly quickly. ;) xo

  5. so many good finds! i adore that saw - i'm a sucker for hardware and vintage pieces like that. it seems like you had a really good shopping weekend! makes me want to try my luck at some yard sales this coming weekend! although, it's always a rare occurrence when i find gems at yard sales in florida. i have better luck at antique shops but the price is never right.

  6. If you lived in the same town (and country) as me, I would offer to hire you to take to yard sales! You have such a fantastic eye Christine! That saw is by far my favourite!


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