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Friday, August 30, 2013

via milk/Muriel Frances/Louise Desrosier

Here is another lovely home with child-friendly decor at the heart of it which might be a little more adult-friendly than the last child-centered home I featured this week. This 5-story Brussels home belongs to English designer Justine Glanfield of Cotton and Milk, an adorable line of children's wear. I love the balance in this home, it has sophisticated qualities, like the living room and dining area, but there are so many beautifully designed spaces that represent the smallest member of this lovely family. I adore the color pallets throughout the house, the painted bricks and the large window in the nursery (and we happen to have that same double decker bus on the window sill! now if i only had a window like that to display it in).

Hope you all have a great looong weekend. We have not started school yet, and by we, I mean Fisher. He starts Wednesday. As usual it's going to be a hustle which I was planning/hoping to avoid. But it has become unavoidable because this morning he left at the crack of dawn for Seattle to go to the Pax convention with a few of his friends. This was actually planned before summer even started and then looked like it wasn't going to happen because come to find out they actually had no plan (or those plans changed at some point, I am still not sure which it was). Last week the plan they had was to just take the train up there all unsupervised and such. Hi, I am your mom have you met me? You have? Huh, well then you should probably know that was not ever going to happen in a million years, though I do love your confidence. But, um, no. Luckily they pulled it together last minute and wrangled an adult to go along on their journey, which I am glad for as I know he was really looking forward to going. He won't be back until Sunday and I have a feeling he is going to be very tired. And with that said "hustle" is a nice word to describe what we will be going through in trying to get all ready for school to begin at the last minute. Oh, well I am sure it's all worth it (and of course it's not like i wouldn't have put if off until the last minute anyway).

Haunted Museum

Thursday, August 29, 2013

via Yatzer | Images: Fuminari Yoshitsugu

I love anything with the word haunted in it and I have since I was a kid. I don't know why the idea of something being haunted has always appealed to me so much but it just always has and still does. So when I came across this haunted house exhibit by Tarafu Architects, in Tokyo's Museum of Contemporary Art, the kid in me squealed, the parent in me squealed and the art lover in me squealed. In an attempt to appeal to and engage with the smaller art lovers, the exhibit ghosts, underpants and stars, encourages all those things that normally are forbidden in a museum, like running around and touching and interacting with the (ghostly) art.

For whatever other unknown reason as to why I think and feel this or that, Tokyo has never been a place that I have planned to visit. I just don't have the desire to go such a big city. But now I want to go there and if I could we would be planning a field trip to this fabulous haunted museum right now! Maybe it will make its way to other cities someday. I will be hoping that it does.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for M+L! Monday we took it easy and recuperated from our Sunday amusement park birthday bash, which is why I was absent yesterday. Both too tired to write a post and I just didn't want to say "in a minute" or "hold on" on their birthday. I wanted it to be a day of yeses. Like when they asked if they could have a bowl of whip cream for breakfast . . . why, yes, of course you can! It's your birthday!!

In the spirit of celebrating my children this week I thought I would share this whimsical and child-centered home. I have had images of this home pinned for quite awhile and I see other people pin images of it too and each time my heart feels so happy with seeing the creative love and color in this space. Those kids bedrooms are so fun and so cute it makes me rethink my monochromatic scheme I am (was? no, i still am) thinking about going with for M+L's bedroom (whenever I get around to that - guess i have time to mull it over at this rate.). I just love all the whimsical details, the vintage touches, the pops of color, how comfortable it looks and how it just stirs the imagination.

It may not surprise you that this home belongs to a stylist and photographer, Anne Millet. She also has a beautiful blog mobil home which is filled with stunning photos. I discovered her and these images of her home over at The Socialite Family which is a really lovely site that shares stories and images of "cool families."

Five Years Ago Today

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's M+L's birthday today! Luckily Luca came around when we went to the party store on Friday and got some big balloons. Suddenly turning 5 sounded like a pretty good idea. Yesterday we had their birthday party, just in case we needed it be a last-day-of-being-4 party. It has become a tradition going to this little amusement park we have here. Unfortunately, as you can see from the first photo that it was rainy. The first rainy day we have had in quite a while. Murphy's law, eh? We huddled under a tree for about 2 hours eating our picnic "soup" and getting muddy, but finally the rain gave out in time to pull out the cake and presents and go for some rides. It was a good day spent with our friends and of course the little ones didn't much mind the rain at all (isn't their friend ollie the cutest?! he's the one that looks like he should actually belong to me). Though let me tell all of you who don't have kids yet, the hangover at a kids birthday comes about 20 minutes into it, oh I am tired!

I think today we will take it pretty easy. We did get the catapult for them and saved that present to give them today so I am sure we will be having some serious catapult battles and reminiscing about our birthday party. I just love these little guys so much and I am pretty convinced they are the sweetest things on earth. They have made my life so very beautiful. Every single day they make me smile just by looking at their faces and make me belly laugh with all their hilarity and antics. I can't believe 5 years have passed already. It's been the best five years.  Today is such a good day to celebrate. It's bittersweet sometimes watching your kids grow but it's the most amazing thing seeing who they become. I just gobble every minute. Happy birthday my little Luca Sparrow and wee Milo Pollux! xo

And if you are wondering that's a 'domo' cake, by request. Who is domo? I don't exactly know. But they were very excited. And Milo is the one in the pink shirt, Luca is in the baja.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

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You may think because I have a blog, I have kids and I am not afraid of a little DIY that I also am a party planner. Well, I am not. I am in fact one of the worst party planners in the world. Just yesterday I finally decided on a day to have M+L's birthday party (this sunday - they will officially still be 4;)). This of course involved a lot of hemming and hawing & asking for others input, then rejecting that input before I made this decision that should have been made 2 weeks ago (or a month ago for die-hard party planners). It's not that I don't love parties and making things and seeing all the cuteness come together. It's that I just can never get it together enough to make decisions where party planning is concerned. And do you know how many decisions have to be made in party planning? Even a little party? A lot. So yesterday I spent my evening on pinterest getting "inspired" (read: made me feel like a dismal failure on the party planning front) and so this weekend I will be throwing down the gauntlet and surrendering myself to scissors and strings and glue and fondant and late night runs to the craft store. Hopefully I don't waste too much time trying to track down that adorable wrapping paper, which is currently unavailable :(

Happy weekend! xo

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

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While I did mention just a couple of days ago a feeling of readiness creeping in for the start of fall, I think what I am actually ready for is enjoying the winding down of summer. These pales of peach and blush evoke that feeling for me in the the way these colors can be gently cast from a blazing setting sun at the end of a warm day. Yesterday was Fisher's school registration for his sophomore year (this still sounds completely insane to me - when people say time goes so much faster after your kids start school, they are right.) I realized we only have one full week left before school starts. I don't want to rush and packs weeks of summer into it or be franticly searching the picked through school supplies at Target. I just want to enjoy it. Languish in the easiness of summer before we are steered back into the routines that are awaiting us. Get my fill of summer fruit, late nights and lingering mornings.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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M+L's birthday is coming up, they are going to be the big 5 on the 26th! So with that I have been doing a little toy scouting as of late and I have rounded up some of my favorites. I can't say that everything I have picked out here are things that they would definitely want. I think some might be things I want them to want. Or even that I want? Like that Lego architecture studio for example. And the camera, if just one of my kids takes an interest in photography I will be over the moon, but no pushing, right? Pushing doesn't work as is evidenced in my never-takes-a-single-picture-ever 15 year old (but i have cameras you can use! it would be so much fuuuuun!). And of course when I found those little twin matchbook mice I about died. And I know they would like a dollhouse but I would really like that dollhouse in particular - though I haven't even looked at the price. I am too scared. I know the one thing they would love is that bean bag catapult, oh the fun they could have (will have). I found it online but followed the link back to find that it's at a store right here in Portland. Perfect. The marble maze is probably a good idea too.

I just know I really need to get them something good. Luca is having a, well, I don't know what to call the equivalent to a mid-life crisis for a 4 year old, but the poor guy does not want to turn five. He wants to stay four. For. Ever. When August began I started talking about their birthday coming up, you know thinking this would be exciting for them, but it wasn't. Luca cried big dripping tears and said "But I don't want to be five. I just want to be Luca. I just want to be small Luca and be 4." Of course I assured him he would still be small. He would definitely still be Luca. I told him he could have a gluten-free cake. I told him he'd get presents and a party and Milo would be 5 too and they would be exactly the same as they are now, just one day older.

But . . . Luca's a bit of an existential thinker and everyday this month I have looked down to see one little Luca Lou staring at me with big teary eyes trying to figure out what turning 5 means and not buying into my simple answers, such as: it's just a number; it's how many years since the day you were born. He replies to these answers with questions like 'will he'll still have his voice,' or asking when he turns five if he'll 'be a girl.' Adding to reassuring answers to his questions I also say when you turn five . . . "You'll run faster. We can buy 10 new games for the ipad. You can stay up as late as you want on your birthday. We can eat candy all day. I can still hold you and carry you for a long time (because they are very small). But nothing works. He just breaks down and stares at me with these eyes that long to be four forever and ever. And I think it means he's happy. He's so happy with exactly the way he is and I love that. But of course I want him to love being 5 too, and with no bribery working, I just need to sweeten it up on the day a little bit with some really great presents. Distraction in parenting is always a sure fire method and I am hoping it will work here too!

I Might Be Ready, Almost.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this but it's been so gorgeous in Portland this summer. I think I keep saying it because I want to remember, to hold on to it in case we don't have sun for the next 10.5 months, which is quite possible. Or this simply just never happens again - though I am hoping we are in some 7 year weather pattern of sunshine. Truth be told, and I am sure I have mentioned this before, at least I do to transplants that complain about the weather (not allowed, you moved here! it's kind of like you can talk about your mom/kid/partner but nobody else better say a word about them because then they become perfect in your mind.), anyway, the fact is that Portland has always had dry, warm summers. Summers here are generally prefect, once they start. But the last several years have gone from spring to fall, seemingly skipping summer altogether - making Portland look as dreary and drab as its reputation. Which kind of leaves us looking and feeling like the sad wet sweaters we pile on the floor next to our leaf strewn shoes. Portlanders live for summer, mostly because we need some vitamin D.  Also, we have all this beauty around us that sounds really nice to see in color once in awhile.

The conundrum that I find myself in living here in the great pacific northwest is that the drizzle, the grey and the clouds can just make you feel a little bit crazy. Or maybe it's lonely. Or maybe it's literally just that physical implication of the lack of vitamin D we suffer from for 9 months of the year (or longer as was the case for a few years until this summer). Anyway, I was saying something about the conundrum - the conundrum is these real feelings of "ugh" that grey days bring on, well, they also bring on this feeling of home, of comfort and pure giddiness when it's been missing for awhile. So despite myself, I am getting excited for the fall. And when I saw this video from Herschel Supply Company I almost started crying wanting a walk in some soggy leaves. 

Photo Diary: At The Market

Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a lovely weekend? Our Saturday was mostly spent working, with one of the things we worked being the desk we found for Fisher's room. It's been such a long time since I have refinished a piece of furniture I forgot how labor intensive it is and how many steps there are: sanding, scrapping, stripping, sanding again . . . And I have an even deeper appreciation for all the amazing projects that Nina of Number 40, not only takes on, but finishes! (You can see a couple of them here and here.) We are finally almost done, one more coat of paint to go. Woo hoo.

Sunday we went downtown to Saturday market which obviously is also on Sundays. It was a beautiful day as it has been almost everyday this summer (miracles do happen!). I hadn't been to Saturday market for a long time but I have to say it was much the same as the last time I went, which is also much the same as it was when I spent every weekend down there as a teenager. It's a great place to go for handcrafted goodies and especially good for people watching. After walking around, watching and listening to street performers and getting a bite to eat, we cooled off in one of Portland's many fountains which besides petting all the dogs we passed was the highlight for M+L. Overall it was a nice balanced weekend of getting some things done, getting out and about and relaxing. How was yours?

Favorite Finds | 25 | Michael Carson

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday! I am feeling much better today, seems it was just a little cold and hopefully will have run its full course by tomorrow. It turned out to be a very grey day here yesterday so it worked out perfectly for laying around and browsing the internet with no intentions at all. While doing so I found a couple fun and random things like this and this.

In a recent post I featured a painting and then realizing how much I loved the artist behind the painting I promised to devote a whole post to the artist his work. This is it, as promised, with a few of my current favorites from Michael Carson. I have a strong affection for portrait paintings in fact I have a pinterest board dedicated to interiors that feature both vintage and modern portrait paintings. I am the proud owner of a couple vintage paintings I believed were cosmically placed right in my path so I could bring them home and love them forever. So it was no surprise to me when I came across American artist, Michael Carson, that my heart skipped a beat and I instantly fell in love. Carson is a figurative painter and his use of color and light gives his work what I find to be a breathtaking balance between the past and present. There is a surreal and timeless, yet completely grounded quality about his paintings that allows a story to unfold before your eyes. Lovely. If you have any favorite artists I'd love to hear about it! And have a great weekend. xo
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