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Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Friday! I am feeling much better today, seems it was just a little cold and hopefully will have run its full course by tomorrow. It turned out to be a very grey day here yesterday so it worked out perfectly for laying around and browsing the internet with no intentions at all. While doing so I found a couple fun and random things like this and this.

In a recent post I featured a painting and then realizing how much I loved the artist behind the painting I promised to devote a whole post to the artist his work. This is it, as promised, with a few of my current favorites from Michael Carson. I have a strong affection for portrait paintings in fact I have a pinterest board dedicated to interiors that feature both vintage and modern portrait paintings. I am the proud owner of a couple vintage paintings I believed were cosmically placed right in my path so I could bring them home and love them forever. So it was no surprise to me when I came across American artist, Michael Carson, that my heart skipped a beat and I instantly fell in love. Carson is a figurative painter and his use of color and light gives his work what I find to be a breathtaking balance between the past and present. There is a surreal and timeless, yet completely grounded quality about his paintings that allows a story to unfold before your eyes. Lovely. If you have any favorite artists I'd love to hear about it! And have a great weekend. xo


  1. So glad you're feeling better and yes to the second painting. Mentally, I'm cropping out just the woman's head / face and thinking how impactful it is on its own

  2. Beautiful paintings! I really love the one with black chair and am going to look at more of the paintings. Hope you are feeling better now for the weekend, and omg, just laughed so hard at that autocorrect link!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Well I'm glad you're feeling better, and of course gazing at these lovelies would perk you up! I think they're stunning. I think the first two are my favorites, but it's hard to choose.

  4. I am not sure how I feel about portrait paintings - on a the whole, they tend to freak me out but I really like this. They have a very calm and surreal quality that is sort of soothing.

  5. Glad to see more of Carson's work on your blog. I don't tend to explain the art I love, but all I can say is that find these beautiful.

  6. That top painting looks like a photograph, totally fooled me. These are very evocative and beautiful! I'm an oldie when it comes to favorite artists: give me old Impressionists any day. Turner, Monet, Renoir. And my dad! He was an incredible artist, too. So happy you're feeling better, darling. xo


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