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Friday, August 30, 2013

via milk/Muriel Frances/Louise Desrosier

Here is another lovely home with child-friendly decor at the heart of it which might be a little more adult-friendly than the last child-centered home I featured this week. This 5-story Brussels home belongs to English designer Justine Glanfield of Cotton and Milk, an adorable line of children's wear. I love the balance in this home, it has sophisticated qualities, like the living room and dining area, but there are so many beautifully designed spaces that represent the smallest member of this lovely family. I adore the color pallets throughout the house, the painted bricks and the large window in the nursery (and we happen to have that same double decker bus on the window sill! now if i only had a window like that to display it in).

Hope you all have a great looong weekend. We have not started school yet, and by we, I mean Fisher. He starts Wednesday. As usual it's going to be a hustle which I was planning/hoping to avoid. But it has become unavoidable because this morning he left at the crack of dawn for Seattle to go to the Pax convention with a few of his friends. This was actually planned before summer even started and then looked like it wasn't going to happen because come to find out they actually had no plan (or those plans changed at some point, I am still not sure which it was). Last week the plan they had was to just take the train up there all unsupervised and such. Hi, I am your mom have you met me? You have? Huh, well then you should probably know that was not ever going to happen in a million years, though I do love your confidence. But, um, no. Luckily they pulled it together last minute and wrangled an adult to go along on their journey, which I am glad for as I know he was really looking forward to going. He won't be back until Sunday and I have a feeling he is going to be very tired. And with that said "hustle" is a nice word to describe what we will be going through in trying to get all ready for school to begin at the last minute. Oh, well I am sure it's all worth it (and of course it's not like i wouldn't have put if off until the last minute anyway).


  1. Sounds like Fisher's going to have a super fun weekend and I have a new graphic novel recommendation for you two! Also, this is a weird question about the house but what happens to all the crumbies that get dropped on the floor? Do they fall between the (rather large) cracks between the floor boards? Do you have to vacuum AND sweep? I know I know, these are the OCD type questions on my mind

    1. Rooth, I have to vacuum AND sweep even without the large cracks because, well, three dogs. It's very sad.

  2. Ahhh...teenage boys. What is it with the last minute plans? Or the not-asking. Do you get that? "I'm gonna go...." Uh.... try asking if you can go... We run into that one mostly because Callum's besties live right across the street so saying "I'm going across the street," is generally met with "um...'kaybye." So he just turns it into, "We're going to ride our bikes across this very, very busy street for lunch." Hey! Try asking your mom!

    Now. That house. Bathroom, yes. Dining room, yes. Living room, yes. And oh, for my kid to be little again.

  3. I lover, love, love this home. I've seen it before but never the children's room which is absolutely adorable!

  4. love this place. just the right amount of eclectic!

  5. Yep, this is definitely up my alley. I love the hutch in the dining room next to the fire place, and that old medicine display cabinet in the bathroom above the frosted glass panes. Those kinds of details kill me, and make me wish for a non-new-build home (ahem, I will one day stop maligning my house, I swear). Hope you had a good weekend, twinsy! xo

  6. What I love the most about this home is that it looks lived in, not made up just for the photos. I hope you had a relaxing long weekend.


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