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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This little summer home outside of Oslo, Sweden reaches out and beckons the parts of myself that long for a comfortable and cozy, calm and relaxing, bright and cheery, vintage and chic summer retreat. If I were to point out my favorite elements in this place it would end up with me just listing every single thing that you see for yourself in each of these photos, down to the finest of details. But I can't not mention that little bed cove, the hearth, the white painted surfaces, the alcove dining room and the round window, and okay those chairs under the window! Ack, see what I mean? Everything is so incredibly sweet, if I could ingest houses I would gobble this one up.

This home belongs to interior designer Robert Kristianson and was photographed by Mary Beth Koeth who was fortunate enough to stay here while studying photography in Sweden. It seems she found a perfect subject in her lovely and thoroughly charming accommodations.

You can see another collaboration of design and photography between these two here.


  1. That alcove, that hearth, that arch leading into the dining room. The whitewashed wooden walls and floors. Everything, a thousand times yes. Balm to my soul these things are. I want them all.

  2. What a charming little summer house and the cute bed in the alcove looks so inviting. Gorgeous fresh d├ęcor.

  3. Oh that was so trippy; the scale of that round window totally threw me off when I saw the chairs below it. It looked like it was going to be tiny, and then viola! Huge! I like the house, but the twin beds are sort of creepy to me for some reason? xo

  4. That dining area looks nice and cosy.

  5. First word that comes to mind: fairytale! There are so many quaint aspects, the little bed cove, the oversized hearth and the wonky little kitchen - it's lovely but quite strange too!

  6. I can't even count the many things I love about this space. The wood paneling, the porthole window, the arch in the dining room, the color palette etc. I wouldn't mind taking a little vacation there and sleep in the cozy alcove bed.


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