I Might Be Ready, Almost.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I know I sound like a broken record when I say this but it's been so gorgeous in Portland this summer. I think I keep saying it because I want to remember, to hold on to it in case we don't have sun for the next 10.5 months, which is quite possible. Or this simply just never happens again - though I am hoping we are in some 7 year weather pattern of sunshine. Truth be told, and I am sure I have mentioned this before, at least I do to transplants that complain about the weather (not allowed, you moved here! it's kind of like you can talk about your mom/kid/partner but nobody else better say a word about them because then they become perfect in your mind.), anyway, the fact is that Portland has always had dry, warm summers. Summers here are generally prefect, once they start. But the last several years have gone from spring to fall, seemingly skipping summer altogether - making Portland look as dreary and drab as its reputation. Which kind of leaves us looking and feeling like the sad wet sweaters we pile on the floor next to our leaf strewn shoes. Portlanders live for summer, mostly because we need some vitamin D.  Also, we have all this beauty around us that sounds really nice to see in color once in awhile.

The conundrum that I find myself in living here in the great pacific northwest is that the drizzle, the grey and the clouds can just make you feel a little bit crazy. Or maybe it's lonely. Or maybe it's literally just that physical implication of the lack of vitamin D we suffer from for 9 months of the year (or longer as was the case for a few years until this summer). Anyway, I was saying something about the conundrum - the conundrum is these real feelings of "ugh" that grey days bring on, well, they also bring on this feeling of home, of comfort and pure giddiness when it's been missing for awhile. So despite myself, I am getting excited for the fall. And when I saw this video from Herschel Supply Company I almost started crying wanting a walk in some soggy leaves. 


  1. Um, yes please. As I daydream about where I'd like to live forever and ever and ever amen, Neel always reminds me of the Pacific Northwest. I've never been and he LOVES it there. As much as places like Greece and San Diego sing to me, I love season changes (and the cold, cold winters like Erin's been writing about). Maybe a visit really is in order. I'm getting ready for fall too.

  2. Yes. Yes yes yes, obviously. Where do I sign up? Gray days? Short hours of daylight? Cold? HEAVEN ON EARTH. No one needs vitamin D all that badly, right? Last night I realized we're only a few months away from listening to Christmas music in the house and wearing big cozy sweatpants all day on the weekends. I'll settle for fall first, as a slow ease-in to winter, but really? Bring. It. On.

  3. My sis is going to be in Portland on Thursday for Hood to Coast - let's keep our fingers crossed for some good weather for the runners, shall we?

  4. You're so right about watching the video and wanting to walk through a damp and soggy forest. If I would actually do this I would need the right shoes, nothing is worse than damp and cold feet. Hailing from an area in Germany that has the reputation of having constant rain or drizzle I can understand that being in this kind of weather sometimes brings you down, although in retrospect, after not living there for such a long time, I feel I would enjoy the cozy days at home. Still I am clinging to the last summer days and hope for a sunny and long fall.

  5. I can totally relate to your need for vitamin because I might be wrong, but I think London and Portland often have the same weather. It's no secret that it rains A LOT here and couple that with long and freezing winters, I just about lose my mind by the time summer comes around. This city has taught me that I am not cut out for it at all (partly why we are moving to Aus). Despite this, I still look forward to the crisp and clean air of autumn. I'm going to have to live vicariously through your autumn pics (please)!!

  6. We are already into the fall weather way up here and I have to say I have been really enjoying it. It's been very cozy and I love breaking out the sweaters...but I know in three months I will regret saying this.


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