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Friday, August 9, 2013

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I can't say that this moodboard accurately reflects how I am feeling right in this moment. But I feel I am on way there. Or I have found a few glimpses that make it seem possible. Or maybe it is just a goal I know I need to be reaching for. I can feel summer winding down - which may be due to the school information that keeps coming in the mail. But I am feeling a mixture of pushing for the last hurrahs of summer and welcoming the inevitable seeds of change. The desire to get out and about and do and see is ever so quietly and slowly being replaced by feelings that only fall can encompass. A feeling of getting ready for a new season, a new school year and hopefully some fresh starts - I am in need of a couple of the latter and there is nothing better for me to ignite feelings of creativity like that of a changing season. We have had a lovely summer here and I think I will be okay when it ends. I am not ready yet for it's ending, but I just think I might be when the time comes. (and, yes, you can refer me back to this post when i start complaining about the rain for the next 8 months). I have some work to do before I reach this space and I am hoping to figure out what it is over the weekend.

Do you have any personal goals you are working on right now? (ones you willing to share?)


  1. Gorgeous mood board, Christine. Really, really beautiful. I do have some personal projects I'm working on, mostly photography related. But right now, I'm just trying to get through the day without crying! Ever have those? ;)

  2. Oh no, I am not ready for this summer to end! But I've been trying to continue my goal of doing things that scare me. And I definitely did enough on vacation for that. I just want to keep it going - it was exciting!

  3. i too am feeling the same sentiment, not ready for summer to be over just yet, but definitely looking forward to what the next season will bring. the one personal goal that i am still struggling with is finding a balance. i've never worked this much on one sole thing (being full time in one place). i'm used to having 5 classes in college, working part time, and having an internship, while still finding time to attend all of my favorite community events. now i feel like all i do is work and not attend my favorite events. i thought i was working harder before juggling so many things, but now i am juggling with one thing and i just may be putting too much of myself into it because i am not doing the other things that i love to do... end rant - it's obvious i have yet to achieve the balance goal. it's gets a little better, but only in small increments.

  4. Ooh I'd love to know the links to these! Especially that darling cloud cookie (cookie? am I just hungry and seeing food?). I am definitely read for summer to be over. Bring on winter! Bring on dark days and cold, please. More cuddling gets done that way :) I'm of course working towards my goal of finishing my novel, rather than parking myself on the couch every weekend and not writing at all. I might imbue my next writing session with this moodboard. I think I could use it. xo

  5. I definitely don't feel serene at the moment...hello newborn and toddler stage.'s chaotic over here. But your lovely images are making me feel a little bit more peaceful. And I'm wanting summer to stretch out forever!

  6. Oh how I wish I felt like your beautiful board: serene! Life is crazy manic for me at the moment and my sole goal is just to get my butt to Australia and start my new life. I am a little over living in limbo. I'll enjoy hearing about autumn from you because I will be hurtling into another blistering summer! Your comment about cold Christmases made me laugh out loud (I grew up in South Africa and I just couldn't fathom having a cold Christmas). Christmas for me as a child was spent bbq-ing in the bake garden or roasting to death on the beach! Can't wait to return to 'normal'!

  7. A serene moodboard indeed. I don't even want to think of autumn. Summer is still here and I'll hold on to it as much as I can (I think the weather will permit it too). :)


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