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Friday, August 23, 2013

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You may think because I have a blog, I have kids and I am not afraid of a little DIY that I also am a party planner. Well, I am not. I am in fact one of the worst party planners in the world. Just yesterday I finally decided on a day to have M+L's birthday party (this sunday - they will officially still be 4;)). This of course involved a lot of hemming and hawing & asking for others input, then rejecting that input before I made this decision that should have been made 2 weeks ago (or a month ago for die-hard party planners). It's not that I don't love parties and making things and seeing all the cuteness come together. It's that I just can never get it together enough to make decisions where party planning is concerned. And do you know how many decisions have to be made in party planning? Even a little party? A lot. So yesterday I spent my evening on pinterest getting "inspired" (read: made me feel like a dismal failure on the party planning front) and so this weekend I will be throwing down the gauntlet and surrendering myself to scissors and strings and glue and fondant and late night runs to the craft store. Hopefully I don't waste too much time trying to track down that adorable wrapping paper, which is currently unavailable :(

Happy weekend! xo


  1. I think there are two kinds of moms. The big events kinds of moms and the little moments kinds of moms. I am definitely a "little moment" kind of mom. I am TERRIBLE at parties. Cal's birthday is coming up soon too and we're pitching around ideas. When he threw out a cookout at home (honestly, the easiest party EVER), I died a little inside.

    And still, I have no doubt that you'll blow this out of the water. I can't imagine you not making anything fabulous.

  2. The tiny balloon cake toppers KILL ME with their cuteness. I'm already planning my future kid's first birthday party, if it makes you feel any better. I have everything planned out and color coordinated! I'm crazy though, so don't worry about it :) I think whatever you end up doing the boys will love and adore it. You're going to throw them one awesome 1st anniversary of their 4th birthday party! :) xo

  3. that gift paper is seriously gorgeous. it would almost be a gift of its own and a shame to rip it up! i hope that m+l both have a lovely birthday! share some photos? i'm always interested to see parties - the big ones and the small ones :)

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  5. I love that pinata and the little balloon cake toppers! So simple and sweet. I'm not a big party planner, or even a big party person. My future children will have to be ok with small, informal gatherings, I think.


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