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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Summer vacation is officially over for us as Fisher headed off to school this morning to his first day of his sophomore year! I know many of you, like me, miss the days of getting new school supplies. Fisher's not all that interested all he wants is a new box of ticonderoga pencils. He's easy like that but doesn't make it so easy for me to live vicariously through him. I remember sitting and looking through all my new school gear over and over again. Organizing my pony folders in my trapper keeper, or my new crayons and glue sticks in my pencil box. Laying out my first day of school outfit. So I am reenacting this long-gone tradition with a little virtual school supply shopping. I am pretty sure that secret message writing kit would have come in real handy for note passing. 


  1. Me gustan los lápices, el estuche, las libretas, el reloj, ...bueno me gusta todo.

  2. Best of luck to Mr. Fisher! We're in the thick of it already, but a super short week this week (no school tomorrow) eases the transition. I could really, really use that "I'm so tired." shirt though. ;)

  3. I actually laughed out loud at that t-shirt. Love this round up, and yes, I so miss back to school shopping for supplies. Picking out the best Lisa Frank folders, covering my books in brown paper bags, picking out my first day outfit (and minus the Lisa Frank folders, I did this all through college, too!). There's something so exciting about September, that it means the start of something new. I always found it interesting that all the tv shows started when back-to-school rolled around, as if everything and everyone regardless of age still subscribed to that time of year as being a fresh start. Needless to say, best of luck to Fisher, though I'm sure he'll knock em dead. xo

  4. Girl, that I'm So Tired has been in my virtual shopping cart for ages. Love it. And I think I was / am as obsessed about new school supplies as you are. I'd go over those new pens / pencils and blank notebooks a bajillion times, just turning blank pages wondering about what would be scribbled on them in a matter of days

  5. I think I need that shirt not for back to school but for every day of my life! ;) Good luck with the transition!

    xx Erin

  6. School supplies are the best, they make my organizational heart swoon. Since I work in a boring old office I always treat myself to a Back to School office supply in September to help calm the urge.



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