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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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. . . and the rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down . . . so the fall weather has officially arrived here in Portland - that means fall has started for everyone in the blogosphere, right? I know it's not so you Australians, Floridians, Southern Californians and Texans. But you all can pretend here for a minute that it's true. I have started pulling out my overcoats, sweaters and scarves which inevitably made me want to by new overcoats, sweaters and scarves - especially that pendleton number on the bottom left - it's from their Portland Collection, so I should have it, right? Right. In fact they are having a pin it to win it contest - which I immediately entered because I am pretty sure I have been obsessed with pendleton since i could see. (basically you repin their pins, which I would pin anyway; and i found out about after i already planned on blogging about this pretty cardi, and then you can win gift cards. easy. and done.)

p.s. I hate to admit it but I had no intention of inspiring anyone when I wrote about this yesterday. But so exciting that it did! I hope to see some of your black and whites on your blogs soon. xo


  1. I think I want all the silk dresses in the Portland Collection please!

  2. Ohh that scarf! Whyyyy does it have to be so expensive?! Sigh, it's so pretty. What a lovely fall outfit inspiration board. I've been wearing a coat for the last few days and loving every second of it, the icy chill in the morning when I take Fitz out or walk to the subway. That big wooly sweater is calling my name! xo

  3. Love that sweater on the bottom left side. Ugh SD is not in fall mode. I'm so ready.

  4. you have noooo idea how ready i am for scarves and boots and fabric with some texture!!! but, in florida, we are months behind on the cold fronts :( it's raining all day today and i'm embracing it. and i'm happy you posted about the black and white photos, i really want to get some b+w film in my film camera.

  5. Those cream colors are seriously making my head spin with delight. What is it about cream colors that are so inviting and soothing and warm?

  6. Ah yes black and white photography can be great, maybe I should do some too!! And love that knit shop in Portland.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  7. ha, I just treated myself to a fashion magazine yesterday. I only do this a few times a year. and guess what, even Elle Singapore is full of fall boots, and fall coats, and fall nail colours, and fall recipes. not that it's going to cool down enough to wear any of these things. not that any of the foods necessary for their fall recipes grow here. it doesn't matter. fall obsession has become global. and I feel kind of sorry for Australians, Kiwis and whoever else lives too far south ;)

  8. Qué ganas tengo ya de estos colores, del frío y de vestir abrigada.
    Sí seguramente debo estar loca ;-)


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