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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Can you believe that view from the bedroom window? Me either. It's breathtaking - as is the rest of this beautiful Brazilian home. The courtyard and garden (ohmygosh, that garden!), the windows and patio, just stunning. I absolutely love the juxtaposition of obviously living on the slightest of outskirts of a busy, busy city (Sāo Paulo) and the tranquility that surrounds this home both inside and around the perimeters of it. You can read more about this home and the architect behind it here.

And thanks for all the wonderful feedback on the desk makeover post yesterday! xo


  1. Is that a green pool? Because yes and those kids must be the luckiest fellows alive

  2. everything is amazing, but yes, that first picture!!!! ahhhhh! I want!!!

  3. I saw that first picture on Pinterest the other day and just assumed the skyline was New York or something, but I too was struck by the fantastic juxtaposition of that green balcony and the city skyline. So beautiful. Talk about a little oasis! xo

  4. Is that garden/pool for real??? Unbelievable. Man, can you imagine living here, as Erin said it is like a little oasis!

  5. That view and that patio! And that rug in the living room looks so cosy and gives warmth to the room.


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