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Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Monday! With last weekend feeling like such a long one, I think this one ended up feeling much shorter than I wanted it to. It was a bit of a so-so weekend. There were some highs, like a few things I picked up at my neighbors estate sale and having coffee with one of my favorite people in the world sans children (the last time we did that was 3 years ago!). But overall this weekend I just felt a bit drained and like I was dragging myself along. So I am starting off the blog week with a beautiful house tour which will hopefully inspire me to get mine in order today.

I love this Copenhagen city apartment and I think it is a perfect example of my Scandinavian minimalistic dream home. With enough old world charm like the ceiling moldings and medallions, carved pocket doors, and herringbone wood floors (modernized with a grey stain) along with the warm elements, like the beautiful rugs and wood accents, this modern home feel so inviting and comfortable. Yes, please, to everything.


  1. absolutely perfect!!

  2. Coffee sans children??? What the heck does that even mean? ;) Seriously, sounds amazing. I'm really loving minimalistic lately...less clutter. Maybe that's because I live in clutter now and am craving crisp, clean white! Haha. Happy new week Christine!

  3. Can I live in just the hallway? Seriously, I don't need much more than that. I'd be content with just that small stretch of perfection. Wowza. You always find the best homes! I guess I better start taking advantage of all the solo dates I can take myself on before I have kids! Though I will say that Fitz is a good ease-in to babies, since he has us up at the crack of dawn every day (including weekends! the horror!), haha. xo

  4. Oh, this is so nice. I feel calmer just looking at it. I could have this house, but there'd been teenaged size shoes and socks lying about and baseball bats and balls. Probably some gum wrappers too. I just want to lay my achey head on that kitchen island and rest a bit.

    Sorry you felt draggy this weekend. I feel that way today. Change of season, maybe?

  5. I'm still on a rug kick so I will take all those rugs. A big hug to you to chase away those blues. Maybe a good peppy book would help?

  6. I just fell in love with this Copenhagen city apartment, everything is set to be perfect! My favorite is the black lamps in the corridor towards the black couch, beautiful. There are other suggestions that we can see online, and one of this is this article I found about less-but-more decorating:


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