Mini Break

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Wednesday! I know probably not worth the exclamation point, but I am excitedly taking a mini vacation the rest of the week from posting (I will still be checking out your blogs - I'm an addict & I have a little catching up to do!). I just need a little break from mine - from writing and searching online and editing photos and saving images and looking for things I wish I had, or places I wished I lived. It's what I love to do but it's been awhile since I have taken a little r&r from it and the time has come. Also I am feeling inspired to get a few other things done offline and the need to catch up on some boring things like housework - maybe someday there will be a way to pin images over your actual living spaces, but until then I need to clean and arrange mine. That it's-a-new-season sort of thing. So I will see you back here on Monday. Until then you can peruse these little internet treasures if you are so inclined or you are at work stuck in a cubicle (which always makes everything online look more interesting).

To watch: This was too cute. And while we have been on the subject of b+w's this week this video is as amazing as it is lovely.

To look at: I think this is such a lovely project and if you have ever had a baby it's worth checking out.

To wish for: Now that fall is here and it's gettin' chilly I really want one of these.

To read: If you ever shop at whole foods you may relate to this; and there's this I can say that I am guilty of #5, #6, #15 and #16, but I am not going to apologize for it because then I would also be guilty of #1 (I also won't apologize for two huffpost links either, but i want to). Have a good week/end!


  1. That wood stove - so pretty and mostly because it is so minimal, how perfect. I too am guilt of body-snarking :( I'm so hard on myself about it lately and mostly because I recently went to the doctor and found out I'm the heaviest I've ever been. Le sigh. But I adore food and will not "diet". One small step I've taken toward fixing how I feel is doing hot yoga every week which has made me feel phenomenal so far. The next step for me: stop body snarking on myself.

  2. Way to articulate exactly what I've been thinking but couldn't put my finger on precisely. A break "from writing and searching online and editing photos and saving images and looking for things I wish I had, or places I wished I lived." This, times a million. I get it, the pressure can just be too much, and it's all self-imposed, which makes it worse. Enjoy your little step-back. I might be taking my own soon, too. xo

  3. Enjoy the break and get out there and enjoy that Portland fall. Give the boys an extra squeeze for me and see you when you're back!

  4. enjoy your break xxx

  5. Have a nice mini break!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  6. Enjoy your break, we'll miss you!

  7. I hear you- sometimes you need that non internet time. Also it's fall time- which you should enjoy things before the weather gets crumby.


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