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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I created this moodboard last week when it was pouring rain. My gutters were like waterfalls and it was lovely. The weather has since gone back to full on summer weather. I want to love it and be happy about it but if you read yesterdays post you will know I have been feeling a bit sluggish for the last several days, and you know the weather should always reflect my personal feelings (i think i am ready for fall people! and i think i might be fighting off a virus?). So with that, right now I'd love it to reflect being wrapped up in a nice big cozy cable knit blanket under a larger blanket of looming grey skies. But being as I can't actually control the weather, I can live vicariously through my blog and right now I am indulging in beautiful grey tones that make me feel all cozy inside.

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  1. Feel better dearest. And here's to cozy days ahead. XO

  2. oh, my by far most favourite colour. love it. hope you feel better soon xxx

  3. Ah Christine this post has me all ready for fall and actually has me missing the foggy days of San Francisco! What are those platters at the bottom, the link went to the first picture.

    1. oops, i don't know how i did that but i am not surprised :) i fixed the link. aren't those dishes so pretty? i just love them.

  4. I've told you that gray is my favorite color before, right? Well let me sing it from the rooftops: I LOVE gray. For reasons perfectly captured in this moodboard. Look at how gorgeous and moody and rich it can be. Oh, I love it so. I hope you're not really coming down with a virus and that it's just something small that will pass! Fingers crossed, twinsy. xo

  5. i feel this grey today, and wish it would just rain to suit my mood. although, it is sunny and bright today in orlando. your moodboard piece with the balloons from flickr looks quite peaceful, i'd like to take a quiet ride on one this afternoon. i am so ready for fall too - i wore ankle boots today just because i could, even if it's warm out. i can't wait for blogs to be full of photographs from my favorite time of the year.

  6. I feel the same about grey, it's so cozy.

  7. Oh man, that balloon photo really is my favourite. It's the time of year when bloggers always fool me with their fall posts in September and then I step outside into the oven that is the continuing Texas summer and sigh.


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