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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Even though it is still summer vacation for us, with the start of school looming, the weekend felt different in that way it does when you know there are extra day(s) attached to it. And it was another great weekend mix of staying in and getting out.

One of the highlights was Saturday when we went for a hike across the river in Washington at Souixon Creek in Gifford-Pinchot national forest. I thought it was a bit closer than it turned out to be. I don't drive very much, or should I say very far, especially up mountains roads, so when I found myself on a narrow only-enough-room-for-one-car-at-a-time road that looked like it had been hit by an earthquake, for the last several mile stretch I was ready to turn back around. Then when I heard rounds being fired off in the not so far distance, I really wanted to turn back around. Apparently this is an area that has lots of good spots for target practice. So not my comfort zone. But once we reached the trail head all was perfectly pristine in that wonderful pacific northwest way.

The trail along the Siouxon creek loops around and goes for several miles, and from photos I have seen, it looks as though there are some breathtaking views and waterfalls.  It was so lush and green and quiet and peaceful. The sound of the creek and our soft steps on the plush forest floor quickly replaced my anxiety from the drive with feelings of calm. The ground was decorated with soft bark, sword ferns and clovers, the many fallen trees (from previous fires) were covered with pillow tops of moss, all under a canopy of douglas firs and western hemlocks. With M+L we did about 3 miles in and out, so we didn't make it to any waterfalls but it was so very lovely all the same. Hide and seek in the woods is one of my favorite things and we broke up the hike with lots of that and a little picnic by the creekside.

Sunday was all about grocery shopping, it never ceases to amaze me that a whole day can seem to be filled with this one task. Monday we went to see my Grandmother. We have been visiting my Grandpa weekly but I have only seen my Grandma once since he was moved to a nursing home. She has called me more in the last week than she has in the last 3 years. She is lonely. Heartbreaker. After that we spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing around where I grew up. Which is still in Portland but it's an old part of Portland and it feels like it's so far away, so removed from the rest of the city and where I live now, who I am now too maybe. Or maybe not. But maybe that's for another post on another day. We ended the weekend with grilling and movies. How was your weekend?


  1. Oh, I love this hike! I am so not good at being intrepid, but this was so worth the pushing through to get to your destination. I miss mountains! What a wonderful weekend you had. Way more fun than mine! XO

  2. I want to come with next time! This looked like such a good day, feels like something out of an Emerson or Thoreau novel. You transcendentalist, you ;) A hike like this definitely makes up for the full day of grocery shopping! Do any of the stores near you offer delivery? We did our first grocery delivery order last week and I am still so tickled by the idea that all you have to do is order them online and someone brings them to you! It's genius! xo

  3. Oh wow Christine these photos are stunning. That one you captured of the vista is just breathtaking! Glad you got to spend time with your Grandma, ugh that is the hardest. And I also hope your week is headed off to a good start!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I miss the woods very much and the many walks I would take, up in New York where I grew up. Here in Texas there are few bushy trees and dense forests of any kind. So I'm stoked to soon hop in an RV and travel to beautiful places with trees galore!

  5. lush and green and quiet indeed. and so different from what I'm surrounded by these days. wonderful pics. thanks!!

  6. It's the beginning of dove season so there are plenty of people firing their guns here and accidentally shooting people with BBs. Wonderful, right?

    Your woods are beautiful. Did Fisher have a good time at PAX?

  7. I'm in the mood for a mountain hike. Nature is so beautiful this time of year. Love photos!

  8. Such lovely colours, I love the mood captured from photos in woods!


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