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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I don't know about you but I get a lot of email inquiries for posting on my blog. I really don't mind doing this in fact I like to, but many I pass over because they don't fit my blog. But last week I received an email from a company who thought I might be interested in sharing their brand that piqued my interest. Okay, sure the fact that it was prefaced with it is a "french design company" might have had something to do with (i have to take "france" where i can get it until i make it there someday!). Then when I read this sentence: I like your blog and it's universe, I was hooked (even english sounds better through French translation). But of course I had to check it out to make sure I loved it. Love it I did. Love it I do.

A few things led me to know this post would promptly be placed in my "crush" series. When I was sent the file of images, Jean-Côme, of HARTÔ, let me know that each collection of pieces within the entire collection is named after old-fashioned french first names, such as: Honoré (the desk), Linette (the wall shelves), and Earnest (the rocking chair). And, also, that I may be particularly interested in the file named "decor" because in french it means 'scenery.' I love that (and if you look up the translation of decor in French, it simply says 'decor.' So I even learned something lovely and new). Jean-Côme was also nice enough to let me know that the interior shots were taken inside a Haussamanian Flat in Saint-Germain-de-Prés which he knows "americans love this district in Paris."

Hartô started a few years ago as hartôdesign with the intention of making inexpensive design furniture; however, 6 months ago they went back to the drawing board and HARTÔ was born. The new collection was recently launched at France's premiere furniture and design show, Salon Maison et Objet. HARTÔ attempts to have something special in each piece, something that makes it original and sets it apart. Color is also a large component in the design aesthetic, but as you can see the color truly augments each piece and would not deter even the most monochromatic of tastes; especially with all the lovely simple and clean lines. Another important factor for HARTÔ in its second inception was that each piece be locally crafted in France or Europe. This is something, that I personally, have a lot of respect for, to me buying locally simply means supporting the local economy from which the product originates.

Personally, I am fawning over that lovely desk (there is even a secret box in which to stash all your unsightly cords!). I love the floor lamp as well with its long thin limbs. Really, I'd take one of each. How about you, are you as smitten with this fabulous new design company as I am?


  1. lovely blog!

  2. Lovely pieces from what sounds to be a lovely company! And that desk! I need it. Really. NEED. A box for the cords? HEAVEN.

  3. Smitten I am. I love the simplistic design and how beautifully everything is presented.
    PS: I enjoyed reading about your home town. I can understand why you like the bridge so much. :)

  4. oh, fantastic. made even better by the fact that this apartment reminds me of our apartment in Paris :)

  5. Damn. No one French ever reaches out to me, and I'm the blogosphere's biggest francophile! Haha. I do love all of these pieces, and the use of primary colors. But mostly I'm staring at the background of each picture, at the moldings and the floors and those WINDOWS mon dieu. Je veut tout.

  6. That chair. That rug. Wow. I love how the items pop without being too "in your face." They each look like they BELONG in their spots.

  7. I do like both of those desks - I would have to buy them and put them in reserve though, no room right now in my tiny apartment!

  8. it seems like anything French I am so in. :) I think my favorite are those chairs because they are so modern in such a traditionally old space.


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