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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

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I think since we had such an amazing summer here in the old northwest I have been secretly waiting to see if it was indeed gone. But now that we are officially two days into October, it's official, there's no going back for us in Portland. We might get a nice day or two here and there, but the hot summer-like days are gone and rain is around every corner. Which of course means I can fully welcome fall into my heart, and isn't there a saying that the way to a persons heart is through the belly? Yeah, that sounds about right. The foods of fall are my favorite: root vegetables, figs, apples and warm frothy drinks. A big cornucopia of sweet and savory goodness.

I need visual inspirations for cooking because I could easily settle for plates of goat cheese, gouda and rice crackers everyday. And while I think that is the best snack ever, it's doesn't really provide a balanced meal for my children (or me). Also I actually do enjoy cooking during autumn (summer, not so much) - so before I went grocery shopping yesterday I made my list whilst glancing at these images. Unfortunately I didn't see any figs, but I did get the makings for some mushroom risotto and roasted vegetables. And of course I replenished my goat cheese inventory because if I am being honest I have to admit that I don't cook a proper dinner everyday of the week. 


  1. Adoro estas fotografías y composiciones.

  2. Fall IS time for food isn't it? I spent all Sunday in the kitchen (doesn't mean there won't be at least one sloppy joe day this week, but there you are), and I'm ready for those heavy stews and comfort foods. Our fall has disappeared for the week. Enough to make me consider a dip in the sea tomorrow, but I resent it. I want the fire pit back!

  3. hmmm, goat cheese sounds great :) fall is a great time for cooking. enjoy!!

  4. "Cheese inventory" just made me fall even more in love with you. And I didn't think that was possible! Cheese and crackers IS totally a dinner, in case you needed support. And not that I cook, but I know J tries to steer clear of cooking anything too elaborate in the summer because 95 degrees + a 400 degree oven = awful. But autumn? Oh bring it on. Risotto is a staple. I really want to make baked pears or apples; my mom used to make baked apples cored and filled with honey. Mmm now I'm hungry. xo

  5. yum yum all of those figs! (PS. love your new header, such a pretty script).the mornings here have been so cool that i've been driving to work with the windows down. goat cheese, gouda, and rice crackers sounds like the best dinner ever but that's only because i'm a cheese addict.

    1. thanks, that little triangle graphic had been driving me crazy for awhile. i have a few more little clean-ups i need to work on but for now i feel better with the header change :)

      i eat goat cheese, gouda, and rice crackers at least 4 times a week! now i just need some figs to go with it. then it would be more balanced, right? xo

  6. mmm...i could live on cheese platters, too. sadly, my kids could, too! thank you for these inspirational photos!

  7. Yum, those images make me hungry. I want to cook more this fall too and step out of my cooking comfort zone, I feel like I always cook the same. A lot of times when I am responsible for dinner we have sandwiches, yup I consider that cooking ;) I could dig right into the risotto and the roasted vegetables, so I am definitely putting that on my list of things to try out this fall.

  8. Mmmmm mushroom risotto... with lots of parmesan cheese. And frothy hot drinks with a little punch. It'd be wonderful to get together for a fall dinner together


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