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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I think I'd like to change this long running series of mine, Favorite Finds to I wish this was a sponsored post. I love this modern (and functional!) kids furniture line by Rafa Kids, which is owned and designed by a married couple (both architects) and inspired by their children. I would be happy to take one of each. I think it would be a fabulous foundation to my future kids room make-over, yes? 


  1. Yeah, this pretty much makes me wish I had a little kid again. Or that they did a coffee table along the lines of that twin bed!

  2. The kid-furnishings years are still ahead of me (gah!) so I'm bookmarking this for later! Though I think it would be tough to get a kid to fall asleep with such fun furniture, haha. Oh well. As long as they're playing quietly it can't hurt, right? That was the rule in my house. Unless you're bleeding or throwing up, play quietly in your room until you fall asleep/when you wake up so mommy & daddy can sleep :) xo

  3. Now I want to redo Mila's room again. Haha! But seriously, love the simplicity. Great designs!

  4. Such a great original design! If only I had kids...


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