Paper Cut

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The holidays are just around the corner. I know we want to say they are not, but you know, as well as I know, they really are. Once October is over it's pretty much "christmastime" (which i put in quotes to account for all the holidays that occur in and around this time of year, but get completely marginalized by the giant that is christmas).

Which brings me to these sweet little paper-cuts by Catfriendo - the holiday season is the one time I allow myself to go all-in with the woodland animal theme that I love so love. How amazing are these? Could you imagine? They are so intricate and delicate and lovely. I can right now imagine a garland of them with twinkling lights behind them. There are many more to admire - the eiffel tower one is a favorite of mine too.


  1. Oh my GAWD. Want. Want. Want. You find the best things, Christine! I love these! Will you do all my Christmas shopping for me? I love owls, but that rabbit. Might need. XOX

  2. these are beautiful! the detailed "lines" that are cut out remind of the the kind of lines that steven draws in his illustration - a kind of sketching quality that i love! these would also look phenomenal all hung up on a tree! i do miss christmastime and i am so looking forward to it this year. i hope it trickles by slowly this year, so that i can savor every minute.

  3. I'm always amazed at the skills people have, the vision they possess to create things like this. That Eiffel Tower link is broken though! :(

    1. this looks like it would take forever and one little mistake would probably result in having to start over. they are just so lovely, i am glad someone does it. thanks, for the heads up; i fixed the link. xo

  4. These are amazing. It looks like a painting, not a cut-out!

  5. Oh my I can not believe someone actually makes these. This really is incredible.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  6. One of my favourite parts of Christmastime? The paper goods! Yay for holiday cards, I can't wait (okay a little too excited over here). And this year I'll get to buy a new tree, whatever size I want, with whatever ornaments I want. So maybe there are some perks to being an adult

  7. Your posts are so lovely. I like the owl most. I wish I'd be in a wood now, having all those cute animals around me. haha.

    World of Plastic


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