Friday, October 25, 2013

The weekend is upon us again. This Saturday we will be heading to that pretty place above for a birthday party - not that exact spot, but to the gorge (hood river), so pretty. And considering it's been so gorgeous lately and we are in the thick of fall I am pretty excited.

Good news about my couch, I spoke with dania and they are going to send someone to look it. The bad news is I was told to call them back if I didn't hear from said person in 10 days. As much as I want a shiny new couch, and do have great plans on buying one in the future I hope mine can get fixed. I have other things on my mind and other plans on the horizon, and if I remember correctly finding my current sofa sucked about a month out of my life. I don't think I am ready to go through all that again.

In other news I found this little guy this week and I am in the throes of a bigger decision, one in which a new couch would probably be a bad idea. I have been a dog-person without a dog for most of my life. It's a big decision. One I don't take lightly. It's like deciding to have another child, that's what it is for me at least, and, really, what I think it should be for everyone. When pups are begotten based on impulse or cuteness overload, well, that's how a lot of doggies like this one end up in shelters. My heart is ready and I am pretty sure he is the best fit for us. I was convinced today and when I called to find out the process of adoption I was informed has a medical condition - so I need to figure out if we'd be the best fit for him and talk to a vet.

I can't believe Halloween is almost here and I have not one single costume idea for M+L! And wherever I asked them what they want to be they just say the first thing they see like "a remote" or "a car" or "a table." Um, no. I take costumes pretty seriously and the fact I have twins adds to that craziness exponentially. I really like the whole "pair" idea and considering their suggestions I feel I can take the lead. But I am stumped. If any of you have any ideas of paired customs that are awesome (and 5 year old would think were awesome too) do let me know! If anyone has just one little guy I am head over heels for this one here.

Last but not least Wednesday I finally got someone to come out and look at my cable/internet connection. Not only did the guy finally fix but he was all "hey i love your chairs. i just bought an eames-style rocker last night." and "i love your light fixture" and "wow, that's contact paper. i thought it was wallpaper!" (full disclosure i pointed that last one out to him). We spent the whole time he was souping up my cable talking design - how fun is that?! He showed me some photos on his phone of some projects he has been working on, like this one here that I totally want to try (in which he also introduced to that lovely new blog. how did i not know about almost makes perfect before?). I am just hoping he doesn't out me on all the dust bunnies I have behind my cable boxes.

Any weekend plans for you?


  1. Well, I know I was a total enabler yesterday about the sweet puppers, but I also hope you saw me rein myself in (!) and note that your heart won't steer you wrong. You are doing absolutely everything the right way and gathering information and doing research. The medical condition can certainly add a wrinkle (Violet just whispered, "cancer" from the back room), but it doesn't have to be a deal breaker. The way will open for all of you.

    I am a terrible "big moment" mother, and can't pull off things like parties and great Halloween costumes. (Snuggles, reading books, making the most of "Little moments," well, I'm your gal.) In the end, Cal was doing his own, and they were the best. He went as a Hurricane Warning Symbol (pertinent in these parts) and his bucket said "disaster relief" and one year he was a klondike bar. So what about something like a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly. Off beat pairs. Shrugs. I'm SO bad at this kind of thing.

    I LOVE your cable guy! And who doesn't have dust bunnies behind the tv? Seriously. Happy weekend, dear!

  2. hmmm, I'm more a cat person, but that doesn't matter. it's a lot of responsibility to take on any pet. I have my two cats parked with friends at the moment because personal circumstances didn't allow me to keep them (try renting a flat on a budget that allows you to have animals in London, impossible. try to find a flat- or house share, equally impossible). I couldn't live without animals in the long run, but at the moment I'd advice anyone to be careful.

    that said, thank your cable guy for the blog recommendation :)

  3. aww! it would be so great to have a pup! he's a cutie, i hope he steals your heart (and the boys hearts!) and that you let him!
    and as for m+l's costumes, the two of them dressed up as a car would be kind of cute. bulky, but cute! and that little mr. rogers costume? so adorable!!!
    and that ikea hacked nightstand? i really love it. i think i would love something like that, but bigger, for a desk! i do need to get my hands on a giant slab of wood...

  4. May I suggest a crazy "snail eyes" costume for the little ones? I don't know why but I just think it's hilarious: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/34832597091486086/

    1. ha! i love that! the suit is fabulous and the big eyeball/s. they would actually love that because one of their biggest insults is "you're an eyeball!" obviously that makes zero sense but well, i don't correct them because who is going to get upset about being called an eyeball? thanks!

  5. What an adorable little dog. A friend just started a dog walking service this week and we were talking about what a responsibility it is, but such a good one. I hope you get him :)

    xo Mary Jo

  6. It's fun to find a random kindred spirit. I do hope that your couch gets fixed. Finding one really took it out of me as well and in retrospect, I shouldn't have made it into such a big decision but come on, it's a big purchase


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