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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Usually when I find a house tour to share I leave a couple photos out in case you want to follow the link back to the site and check out the ones I left out. But this time I was selfish and included them all in this gorgeous renovated home in rosales, because I love every inch of this place. But feel free to check out √°baton because there are a lot more beautiful houses to see of their architectural work, which is impeccable and dreamy. There are even a couple things in this home that I normally do not like so much, and when I mean a couple, I literally mean two; like pops of red and a vessel sink (petty, i know), but here, I love both a lot. I love the super modern elements so wonderfully espoused with the rustic details. And that fireplace wall - just perfect.


  1. Me he enamorado de esta vivienda. Es maravilla pura.
    Me rechifla el lavabo.

  2. Oh, I like! It has enough rustic and wood elements to make it not too, too modern for me, although it feels just a leeeetle tight. I'm with ya on vessel sinks. Not a fan. I can handle that one though.

  3. The fireplace wall is something I would like to have in my own home and I've always had a soft spot for chalk boards in the kitchen. A lovely space!

  4. I'm seeing those wishbone chairs everywhere and the more I do, the more I'm convinced we need some. Also a tiny, perfectly laid out kitchen. I love the wall ovens. I'll echo what Lauren said in that it feels tight, but I LOVE that. Give me teeny spaces! xo

  5. So beautiful! I love all the touches of wood in the modern space.

    p.s. I finally got to ikea to buy frames for your prints. I got the 11 x 15ish Ribba ones because it looked like there was extra room but once I got them home I see I'd have to cut the top of the prints off and I can't bring myself to do it. What size do you use for the 11x17? did you get the next size up?

    xo Mary Jo

  6. oh, the dining table is to die for. great find!!!


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