Friday, November 8, 2013

How happy are you all that it is a long weekend? By some of your posts this week I'd say pretty happy (and if you aren't getting a long weekend, ack, I am sorry, call in sick!). We had a little bit of a rough week ourselves. Not terrible but there was a definite sort of static electricity in the air. I think it hit its head in the moment where I was standing in the kitchen staring blankly at my wall, feeding my face full of the of scraps of Annie's GF mac & cheese that I served my children for dinner (which they weren't eating). It was one of those days where this was all I could muster up for my kids dinner, and nope I didn't even cut up an apple to go on the side. Luca was in another epic meltdown because I didn't bring him his chocolate on a spoon (nutella) into the living room 2 hours ago - let's just say I am already thinking of what we can do for halloween next year, him and candy are a lot like me and a bottle of tequila. My oldest was giving me another fabulous argument about not doing something that would literally take 1/10th of the amount of time that the argument took, as sweet little Marla was spinning at record speeds in a flurry of circles by the door because needed she to pee in the midst of all this; which she gave up and did on the floor, again. Wait maybe that's what my oldest and I were arguing about - taking her out to pee before she went pee on the floor, again. Sorry to say I don't even know what Milo was doing, but he was quiet. So I am sure I will find the repercussions of that here in the next day or two, which I will happily clean up because like I said, at least he was being quiet. After my glorious moment of mac & cheese bites while I briefly imagined what life might be like for me if I lived in a little coastal town in the South of France I decided I was just going to sing sleigh bells really loudly because it's November and I can do that now. And my singing is usually enough to make my children relent. It worked.

This week I did also come across a few little gems like the photos above, via The Kitchn; it is a tutorial on creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece that you can use to cook with later. There are times I would be totally on board with doing something so lovely as this, not sure this is one of those times, but it really is a lovely idea!

I also came upon this story told by Bill Murray about his last visit with Gilda Radner. Love. Absolutely worth the one minute it takes to read it. 

And for those of you who do not yet, but are planning to have little ones in your future: this. While a little cheeky, is pretty hilarious, and really I can't find a point they made that isn't spot on. But not to scare you off, this will all become totally normal and you won't even notice until someone from Daily Mail points it out to you.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend, if that applies to you, if not I hope you have weekend that feels long in the best of ways. xo


  1. No long weekend here, but I'm planning to make the most of the next two days and take advantage of our beautiful autumn. :) Seeing those photos i'm suddenly in the mood to cook a festive dinner. :)

  2. Yup, this is the sort of centerpiece that would never go out of fashion. It looks cool and yummy... and healthy :))))) This reminds me that I've got plans for a Fall table centerpiece, as well - should I go with the eggplant and the red cabbage?

  3. I laughed so hard at that Daily Mail article, particular the part about sleeping (Keep this up for 5 years. LOOK CHEERFUL) and telling other parents what they're doing wrong (Enjoy it. It will be the last time in your life that you will have all the answers). So, so funny. Thankfully, nannying for my three nieces under the age of 4 really gave me a crash course in a lot of stuff. I am now skilled in identifying the difference between "normal quiet" and "suspicious quiet" haha. Your story about dinner time sounds like the most beautiful kind of chaos, and a lot of it rang true with that Daily Mail article. Singing helps, writing that note down for me in the future :)
    Have a great long weekend (I have one, too!!!) xo

  4. oh, I loved the Bill Murray story. sorry to hear you had a bit of a bad week. but yeah to long weekends. xoxoxo

  5. Ugh. My comment just got ate. :( What I was saying is.... Hmmmmm. Interesting. Static is a great word. We had a lot of that here too this weekend. I wrote about the good stuff, but the other stuff was ICK.

    And yet you, have to know that I'd gobble up those photos. Just the balm I need this morning! And I've missed you. I wanted to comment on Friday's post not just because of that gorgeous house, but the one you linked to. DREAM.

  6. Wow, you are such a talented visual writer I can perfectly see that scene in my mind. I hope the static cleared and you had some peace on this long weekend.

    I read that dailymail article, and felt a pangs of fear. I just hope I'm up for the challenge and pray those lil babes will be good sleepers.


  7. I am imagining the chaos in your kitchen right now and I type silently to myself and hope that a ghost isn't sneaking up behind me to murder me all by my lonesome here - sometimes the noise frightens away the scaries


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