Happy Winter. Happy Christmas.

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Christmas week. The weekend was a good one, though it went by too quickly and was spent doing boring things like cleaning and preparing for the whirlwind that is going to be the next few days. But I am sure I will thank myself for it later. Or maybe I won't. It very well might fall into that area of where you think why did I do all that? now I just need to do it all againSunday morning I woke up early to wrap presents and I listened to this 1939 radio broadcast of A Christmas Carol produced by Orson Welles. It is one of those things I like to do as my own little quiet tradition when I can find a quiet hour amidst the hustle and bustle. I didn't find out until I was older that my paternal grandfather, the one that passed away recently, loved the exact same version of A Christmas Carol that is my favorite and he always listened to this same radio broadcast (The latter really shouldn't have surprised me as he was the one that introduced me to old-timey radio), which just warmed my heart. You can listen to it in full below, it is truly so very much worth the 54 minutes.

Tomorrow is one of my very most favorite days of the year. It always has been but the fact that my oldest, Fisher, was also born on this day really sealed the deal for me. I love the calm and ease of the day before Christmas. I love the snuggling in and the setting out of milk and cookies and presents. The fact that I still sleep as restlessly as I did as when I was a kid in anticipation for Christmas morning (well, I don't love the restless sleeping but i do love that i haven't lost the child-like excitement). But for today we will be taking a visit to Santa and making cookies and tomorrow we will be going out for a delicious German dinner for Fisher's geburtstag (that's birthday in german! i googled it.) which may be well on its way to becoming a tradition around here. After that we will curl up with a couple presents and hot cocoa and the movies we saved for this night and of course the the telling of The Night Before Christmas. I will be back tomorrow to say happy birthday to my boy and after that I see you on the flip side of the holiday week. xo

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  1. Oh happy, happy, happy to your first born and to you too Mama. What a happy day! Fisher, from over here in little Norfolk, Virginia there's a family that loves yours and wishes you just the best and most wonderful fun in the coming year. We always have German sausages on Christmas Eve, so I will raise a mustard-dipped sausage to you all.

    We're in the frantic-quiet time ourselves. The big stuff is done (load=off), but all sorts of little things need tending, and I find myself wondering things like, "do I have time to hit the flower market?" Do I? I'd love some fresh flowers on the table.... Merry, merry to you my dearest. XOXO

  2. Happy birthday to your Fisher boy and I hope you guys have found some fun graphic novels to read together. Have a wonderful Christmas and I will catch you on the flip side

  3. Happy happy Christmas and a very happy birthday to your dear oldest boy! My best friend's birthday is also tomorrow -- something is good about holiday babies, I tell ya. ;) I hope you all have an amazing holiday and some wonderful quality time together. I can think of nothing more perfect than hot cocoa with your family on the sofa and a good movie. Enjoy, twinsy! xoxo

  4. oh, happy birthday. I hope you guys have a most wonderful time xoxo

  5. I just love everything about this post, the beautiful images, your story about your grandfather. I love that it was his favorite too and as soon as I eat something (yes, I have been running around all day and realized I have had but one candy cane and it's after 2pm) I am going to listen to that radio link (while I continue to clean)...haha, my Christmas is a bit more chaotic, but still very good. Hoping your oldest has a wonderful birthday. Sending you lots of hugs!
    xo Mary Jo


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