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Friday, December 13, 2013

Even though Thanksgiving was late this year and even though a couple weeks ago I felt like time was swallowing me whole, I am happy to say that December (though still moving quickly) is seemingly not getting away from me. Which is nice because I find it lovely to relish all the moments leading up to Christmas. This is usually my busiest season for many reasons. There's my business, there's birthdays, there's shopping to do and traditions to keep and movies to watch and presents to wrap and decorating and cleaning and organizing but somehow, by some sort of Christmas miracle, I am on top of all of it (i am now going to knock on wood in case i just jinxed myself). With that I feel deserving of a little break to ooo and ahh over this beautiful home that is so wonderfully and simply decorated for the Christmas season. I have looked at these photos many times now and I just can't find anything I don't love.

I really don't have any plans for the weekend other than just to keep doing what I have been doing and hope that keeps working for me. But I am thinking there will be one or two fun outings . . . Any plans for you?

Via House of C Photography: Ernie Eckelaar 


  1. Callum's big news added a whole new wrinkle of "things to get done" in the last couple of weeks, so while I'm not completely in panic mode... yet... I might be close. We knocked out a lot of that stuff this week, so maybe, maybe by this weekend I'll feel more on top of things. Thank you for posting such a lovely restful house! Their concrete counters in the kitchen are just like ours, and that made me happy!

  2. it's in a way the slowest December I've had in a long time. I know what I want from the year to come and started working on or towards it already. I made a conscious decision to ignore Christmas. I'm very comfortable with being alone and on my own which takes a lot of the end of year craziness away. I wish every year could end like this...

    oh, and it's a lovely house you found there xoxo

  3. Ohh, I love this house! Especially the tree wallpaper and the tripod lamp. And that super cool "Christmas tree." But mostly that lamp. I need it!!!

  4. keep doing what youre doing was my weekend last weekend! now i have a weekend of fun. steven's office holiday party is this weekend and we get to enjoy it at a brazilian steakhouse! the food of my people. i am looking forward to eating picanha and drinking caipirinhas, yum!

  5. What a charming home - adore the wooden tree in the corner of the room. It all looks so fresh and fun...

  6. What is there not to love about this house?? I'm a bit thrown though by the counter-height and window-height in the kitchen, the scale is a little off for me, but it's still beautiful and if those windows showed to my house I wouldn't turn them away ;) Weekend was a good one but I can't believe it's already Sunday night! Wah! xo

  7. I have really not been on top of it this Christmas season but I took everything down a notch and things are much more manageable now. I love that built in window seat - looks like a perfect reading nook


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