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Friday, December 27, 2013

I thought I might have a couple posts for recapping the holidays but I think this will be it. For starters while I love, love, love Christmas, I equally love, love, love when it's over. I am so tired. The holidays come and go so quickly and I hold out, I hold on, and then I remember just how brutally exhausted I am every 26th of December. Beyond that, while I am excellent at taking way more photos than necessary all the other days of the year I neglect every year to take photos on the actual holiday themselves. With the exception of my phone camera and a blurry shot or two, I just don't want to be behind my camera capturing the moments, I want to be in the moments.

But on to the recap . . . our holidays were pretty good. Christmas eve started out much like any other day, except for a few things like making cookies to leave out for Santa before bed. But somehow I was so on top of everything this year that I even found myself looking for things to do. But that part didn't last long. Later that evening we went out for Fisher's birthday dinner. He gets a lot of sympathy for having a Christmas eve birthday, but the truth is he really likes it. I had Fisher at home, so his birth time was according to my alarm clock, for a long time I wished I would have said it was 5 minutes fast(er) so his birthday could be on the 23rd (and maybe it was - his birthday could technically be the 23rd, but I don't think so - I already subtracted 5 minutes from the 12:09 that was declared at the time; though exhausted from a very, very long multi-day labor I screamed out "my clock is 5 minutes fast!") But he is glad I didn't  subtract the extra 5 minutes because he thinks it's better to have a Christmas eve birthday rather than if it were one day earlier and we were still in the throes of preparing for Christmas stages. Plus people go out of their way to make sure he has a good birthday because it's "on Christmas," though it really isn't (he is also really grateful he wasn't born on the 25th). And I am glad too because the fact that it isn't on Christmas day allows us to have some time and options to celebrate just him. His best friend was even able to join us. We came home after and played games and ate left overs and then settled in to some Christmas eve traditions like reading The Night Before Christmas and watching both A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story. After everyone was in bed I helped Santa put out all the presents under the tree.

The next morning my mom and sister came over. This was my very first Christmas morning at my house, ever. Ever in my whole life. It's been something I have been wanting for so long and finally happened. Which made me realize all the restless sleeping I do on Christmas eve might not be so much child-like excitement as much as the inability to fall asleep at my moms house. I was still the first person up because, well, I do get pretty excited for the opening of presents. M+L got bikes from Santa, though, unfortunately we were all suppose to get helmets and none of us did so they only got to ride them around the house for a few minutes. But wouldn't you know when I asked them what their favorite gifts were they said "the zombies," which were a last minute 2 for $5 stocking stuffer I bought at the grocery store while getting Christmas breakfast supplies. It's the little things, it is not? And we have been having tons of fun with this and this, I guess it's been awhile since we had new toys around here and I think I might be more excited for some new stuff to play with than even they are. 

Every year I buy Fisher stuff he loves. We have really similar taste so it's way too easy and he ends up with the biggest pile of all every year. But I also buy him one completely projected gift - one I like and I think he "should" like too. This is often a flop (and i know it might be so i always include a gift receipt which he promptly uses to return the "projected gift"). This year it was a suitcase record player and I am happy to report that it was not returned. I also gave him a stack of old records I had from when I was his age and I raided various family members old record collections. He even stopped opening presents to plug it in and play one of my old Christmas albums. I think the memory of finishing our present opening with that record spinning in the background is going into "one of my favorite memories" memory bank. 

Not that it's all about present but some years you do pretty good and this was a good one for me too. I got a photography light studio set up and lots of books. I guess my interests are not unknown to my family. And my mom bought me all matching bath towels! I finally feel like a grown up (or a little closer to one). I have wanted to have all matching bath towels for years but there's just always something that seems much more fun to buy. We had intentions of going to the movies, which we have made a tradition over the last few years, but we decided to stay home and enjoy our first "at home" Christmas before heading to my moms for Christmas dinner. Last night the festivities continued with a second wave of family who came over for more presents and games. Can it be spring now? How were your holidays? 

Oh and, yes, those are underwear on Milo's head. They were very excited about their new lego star wars undies and proceeded to put them on over their clothes, and, well, on their heads obviously. Now if you can just remind me next year that my children love underwear and 2 dollar toys maybe I can treat us all to dinner and drinks with all the money I save :) P.S. I will be taking a little extra break and see you all back here tuesday! 


  1. I noticed those underoos on his head immediately! ;) I was the kind of kid who did the exact same thing growing up. I lovelovelove your Christmas recap. I brought my camera the entire day with the intention of taking pictures but didn't even take it out of my bag. Oops. I, like you, wanted to live IN the moments, not document them. Your boys (and you!) did mighty well this holiday. And not just in the gift department, either. xoxoxo

  2. "can it be spring now?" never have truer words been spoken :)

    my Christmas was great. not Christmassy at all. I got introduced to an amazing guy on boxing day. I should say an 'amazing person' as there is no romantic interest. but it's one of those people that potentially enrich your life for years or decades to come. so I'm very pleased.

    I'm glad you had a good time. xoxo

  3. I love it - all these pics and M+L so excited to see Santa. And I love the underwear picture. Would it be surprising to know that I still do that after I pull my laundry out of the dryer? Yep, I'm such a grown up. I'm glad that Fisher liked his Xmas present and it seems like the boys really had a wonderful time. You did good Momma!

  4. Looks wonderful. I would kill to here my mom's "Christmas with Ed Ames" album playing on the record player. I too am glad it is over. I really love Christmas but this year I am tired and ready to start the year fresh. Happy new year to you and family.

  5. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, Christine! All my best wishes for the New Year!

  6. Ah I totally know what you mean...Christmas is so hectic. Fun but a whirlwind. Hope you are getting some relaxation in! :)

  7. That is too funny, my nephew did the exact same thing when he got his Batman underwear. Little boys are too, too funny.
    Sounds like you had a magical Christmas with magical records.


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