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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last week I was contacted by Kristin from Kind snacks. She had an idea for my the gift of giving series. She let me know her company was stepping with their Do The Kind Thing program to support a cause and wondered if I thought my readers might be interested in hearing about it. So I followed the links and read the story. I immediately had to get up for tissue about one paragraph into 'Nicks moms' story and I knew I would be more than happy to pass all this along to you.

I am going to give you links so you can follow the same little path I did that got me writing this today but I am also going to give you a little info myself. First aren't these t-shirts amazing? They are sold by Paper Clouds Apparel and designed by people with special needs; you can see and buy them here and see more about the artist of these ones here. All the proceeds from Paper Clouds go to supporting causes, like the one about Nick and Jeremy that I am going to talk about. This months sales are going Nick, but they were going to go to Jeremy - this is where it gets a little confusing and a lot beautiful. Nick and Jeremy are friends and they both have cancer. Jeremy was all set to be apart of the Paper Cloud Apparel campaign to help fund his cancer treatment but he recently found out that he is in remission and he wants to surprise his friend by having all of the proceeds to go to Nick. His friend Nick is planning to surprise Jeremy by running a 5k in hopes to raise funds to go to Jeremy's treatment.

In my gift of giving series I usually post about larger organizations. Not intentionally but it's easier to find out about those ones, so I was really excited when Kristin told me about Nick and Jeremy. First of all you can see their faces and you know what you are doing by buying a t-shirt, literally helping save a life and a remarkable friendship. These boys are obviously fighters and they are selfless and kind and compassionate. I also have a teenage son, and well, I just can't imagine. I also had a best friend at that age who I literally don't know what I would have done without her in my life. I know I would never be the same person I am today and I am lucky enough to still call her my best friend. The story of their friendship was so moving to me. It's really just beauty in its truest form.

I am not good at soliciting for myself or asking people to do for me, or for others really. Mostly my comfort lies in planting seeds, and few and far between at that. If people like something or feel moved by something they will act, but it's not in place to try to convince or cajole, maybe beyond saying "i like this maybe you will too," or "i did this here it is." In fact that's one of the hardest parts of blogging, finding that balance of putting yourself out there, putting other things out there and not feeling like you are promoting yourself or others all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not my personal comfort zone. So I hope when I say this next bit you know that's true to me and who I am - but I am totally soliciting you to buy one of these shirts. I am. How could you not, look at how awesome they are?! And KIND is also pledging to purchase 150 shirts for their staff, so you know, if we all, or some, or a few us a chip in . . . maybe it will make a difference. A really, really big difference. Just so you know they don't ship until the campaign is over, but I thought if you wanted to give it as a christmas gift you could print out the story and stick it in a card. I am buying two because I there is no way I can choose between the slombie and the uni. Nick and Jeremy won't find out about all of this until it's over either but Kristin is going to keep me posted and pass this blog post on to them when it's over, so I will keep you all posted too. xo


  1. what a beautiful story. thanks for sharing. and I know very well what you mean by being uncomfortable with the promo stuff, be it self-promotion or doing it for others (the latter I'm somewhat more comfortable with). it's strange, but it's also very much outside my comfort zone. but then again, we all try to make a living with our various creative endeavors, and what better way than our blogs to help each other... xoxo

  2. Oh, yes. This. What an amazing story. I'm with you (and Petra) with the self-promotion and promotion but this is about so much more than us, isn't it? I'm torn between the skull and the unicorn, so I'm going to take a minute and decide and then I'm going to order. Thank you for sharing it Christine.

  3. this is really really sweet. there are two little girls that i know that are into great things like these shirts - monsters and bugs and weird things. kind of like me! i think the two of them would love shirts like this. i'll have to keep it in mind for them :) it's such a sweet story - hard to just pass right by it. you have such a giving and selfless heart - i love reading your posts this time of the year. it really makes me more grounded and realize that there is more to this time of the year than just giving gifts. being charitable is a much better feeling than going out to dinner this time of year when some people don't have the luxury.... i'm just going to stop here. anyway, you're inspiring, that's what i meant to say :)

  4. Yes it is stories like these that should make you appreciate what you have in life. Also points up the horrible health care issues we have in this country. Pathetic really. And when you try to make change like the President well.....k don't get me started. Thanks for posting.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. I'm definitely checking these shirts out - the unicorn one has my name all over it

  6. Well now I'm just a blubbery mess. What a beautiful story and a beautiful cause. I'm so grateful that you shared this with us, and I can fully understand why you are so behind it. I love those designs, and even more for their genesis. You are a dear for sharing this story! xo


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