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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I probably should have featured Sevenly last week because today is officially the last day to order online and receive your orders by Christmas (so if you see something don't wait!). But I wanted to feature them anyway because I love the fact that you can both give to charity and also cross something off someones christmas list. Plus I really think Sevenly has such an amazing selection of goods - from clothing to home goods to children to pets, there are lots of fantastic finds (I have my eye on that top poster I adore it and I think it would be wonderful to see everyday.).

Each week Sevenly sponsors a charity with $7.00 from each product going to the "charity of the week," and don't worry this is all year long so even if you don't get something today, you can always check back later. This weeks charity is Autism Speaks, and while, like I said, I wish I would have featured them a little sooner, this charity in particular is very close to my heart so I am happy to be featuring them during this campaign. In my former career I met a lot of amazing children on the autism spectrum and I also have a couple of my dearest friends who have children on the autism spectrum. More funding for research, education and continued support to families and children is much needed. If you want more information about the work they do go here. If you want more information on the past charities they have sponsored go here. And if you want more info on Autism click the Autism Speaks link. xo


  1. What a lovely organization and what great products! Is that little dog available? Although I think my (less sweet) pups might protest...

    I think the bag and the little ostrich might be my favorite. Is that weird?

  2. My mom was a special ed teacher for 38 years, and spent the last 10 of her career working with autistic kids. So of course I love Sevenly's charity of the week. I'm with Lauren, I love that little ostrich! xo

  3. great post!

  4. This is such a lovely online retailer, doing such amazing things. I spend a good deal of my time ogling their gorgeous prints and wishing I had a million more walls in my house to hang them all up. I love all their positive messages.

    And I think Autism is such a great cause to support because in reality not that many people know what it means for a child. Also there is so much bogus information out there about autism, it makes me just want to lay down and give up (seriously, people are listening to Jenny McCarthy for all their scientific advice?). Good grief. I hope this campaign from Sevenly helps to create greater awareness and dispel the myth of the link between vaccines and autism.


  5. The first quote is certainly frame-worth! I think I should use it more often. Why don'r more retailers have a "charity of the week"? Shouldn't this be some kind of unwritten rule?

  6. I'm the newest admirer of this company and its cool products! And need I say how wonderful it is that they choose to give back to the community? More companies should make this step... PS: too bad I can't order the ostrich...

  7. brilliant. I hadn't heard of them before. that's quite the commitment on their part. I wish more stores or business would do that!

  8. It is so lovely for the company to have such supporting cause :)

  9. I'm such a sucker for prints - going to go browse away


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