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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's the last day of 2013! I know I sound like a broken record but the last part of this year just flew by. With that I am actually welcoming the close of it and a new year to begin, though it was a pretty good one, I really have a good feeling about 2014. I don't have any official new years resolutions because I am, by nature, a self-sabotaging commitment-phobe and I break any resolution immediately for fear of breaking it later, you know after I have actually tried. I tend to keep my goals more quietly to myself and this seems a better approach for me. And I do have a few goals for this year, which I usually determine by going over some of my highs and lows in the closing year. 

I'll start with the low being as (luckily) there were a lot less of those. The biggest one is that I took a little hit with my business that kind of left me feeling a bit down for a good portion of the middle of this year. But truth be told I got really lucky when I started my business, I simply made something, put it out there and it took off quickly - so this little hit probably felt bigger than it actually was. These things happen, but because I was so lucky to start I guess, even though I kept telling myself this would likely happen eventually, I wasn't totally emotionally prepared to have a little bump in the road. And because things were so easy at first I really had to work hard at learning having a business as I was in full mode of having one. So there are a lot of things I still need to catch up on; I am still learning and sometimes you need hard lessons to truly grow. With that having this "low" gave me the pause I needed to look at things from a few steps back and I even saw some real positives to it. So while I am still calling this a low, it's one that has a silver lining and gave me a lot of goals to shoot for in the next year, ones that I might not have gotten around to in my little comfort zone. 

More lows: the death of the 40/60w incandescent lightbulb, my children broke my iphone screen which i have yet to replace (priorities), Luca's dental surgery, my grandfathers passing.  

One of the highs this year was going gluten-free after finding out that my little Luca has celiac and food allergies (he's the only one that was officially diagnose because of this). Going gluten-free has changed our lives so much for the better. He is such a happier kid and both M+L have grown so much this year - you know now that they are actually absorbing nutrients. And I have felt my body heal over the course of this year too. There are so many ailments that have gone away, like the plugged ear I had for about 3 years, migraines and tons of joint pain. And this year we have been less sick than in anytime I can ever remember. So that was a definite high point. 

More highs: a dog! a credenza! a new car! new camera! the driest year in portland since the 1980's! (see i have been telling everyone for years it wasn't this rainy when i was a kid.). first christmas morning at my house! the beach! the mountains! the rivers! it snowed! having another glorious year being able to spend so much time with my kids. i read a lot more this year than last year (but reading more still, is still a goal for 2014). spending so much time with my grandfather before he passed away and then finding out the book i was reading (and read aloud to him unbeknownst to me at the time) was written by one of his friends who was kind enough to reply to my over-zealous email and other kismet occurrences during this time that let me know he's still very much around. And lastly with all this down time this last week I finally I learned how to do rollover images (kind of). and did i mention all the sun we have had? Pretty good year, but I am ready for an even better 2014.

How was your 2013? I hope you all have a very happy and safe new year! See you in 2014!


  1. What a year it has been, twinsy. You certainly rode quite the rollercoaster this year, didn't you? Leave it to you to find the positive in every low point, though. That's one of my favorite things about you, you always see the silver lining or the joy in situations where most people wouldn't. But you had a lot of highs this year, too! I'm so excited for you in 2014, and I might even adopt your positive attitude too, who knows ;) See you next year! Ha! xoxoxo

    1. oh you are too kind. really i just like to complain (a lot), so i figure looking on the bright side, finding the positives, it gives me a general pass on a daily basis ;) i do think 2014 is going to be good and i really can't wait to follow your journey this year! xoxo

  2. wow, what a year. I won't even think about mine. too much has happened. and for the first time, I don't feel like looking backwards but want to look to the future instead. 2013 was mostly good. I couldn't explain why, because there was a lot of the bad too. I fully expect 2014 to be more of the same. a constant up and down. and that's ok too :)

    happy new year to you and your family. I hope it's going to be a great year for all of you xoxo

    1. i feel like i can do a bit of both - looking back and looking ahead. i am certainly a creature of habit which means i can make the same mistakes over and over, or get stuck in the same ruts so it's good for me to take stock, so i really can move forward, you know? happy new year to you petra! it seems you are really off to a good start. xoxo

  3. Happy New Year! I've missed you so much, my dearie! What a lovely recap this was! We did lots of recapping, both in our little family and some weird recapping with my self-absorbed inlaws ;), but I never think to do it on the blog for some reason. It was a really good year, but I had some definite lows too. All self-imposed, for sure. Me, being me. Nothing like what you struggled with, but I can navel-gaze until the cows come home.

    But let's look forward and have super awesome 2014s, shall we? Oh, and I meant to say, if you were watching Apollo 13 with Fisher, I have some recommendations for you. Just let me know!

    1. i missed YOU! but i am happy to know you were having such a splendid time. i was watching apollo 13 with fisher. neither of us had seen it somehow??? i'd love some recommendations! happy new year friend xoxo

  4. In retrospect, despite the mess of 2013 while it was happening, it was a pretty good year. I have high hopes for 2014 though. Excitement! Intrigue! Drama! Okay maybe not drama. But Travel! Or Good Food! :)

    1. 2013 was an interesting year. i definitely felt it had some highs and lows, but i consider it success that the lows didn't pull me under and i am still leaving it behind feeling, like you said "it was a pretty good year." but i am so ready for 2014 to kick 2013's ass - in an awesome way of course ;) xo

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